Dear friends, you often ask us where to buy pine honey, olive oil, olives and other local products on Thassos. We have tried to provide you with contacts of small producers of the most sought-after local products.
The most common products in Northern Greece are honey and olive products. Thassos is famous for its pine honey.

We will be updating the list and adding contacts on regular basis, so check it again before going for shopping. 
For each manufacturer, we also provide you their Viber number through which you can send them a message and agree on the place and time to retrieve the product.   
Consider that many manufacturers are willing to deliver their products to you on a site that suits you (if you’re not too far away), so you can negotiate the best way and place for taking the product.

The written prices were valid for the summer of 2023. During the fall, there was a big increase in the price of olive oil, so it is best to contact the producers and find out about the prices. And we will do our best to find out and publish the prices in the next season for the summer of 2024.

• Athina Matouzi, extra virgin, homemade olive oil. A 5l canister costs €35. They are located in Potos, villa Athina, but they can deliver anywhere from Scala Kalirahi to Astris. Viber: +306972201720

• Evis Studio Potos - homemade grape brandy - Greek cipuro, 10€ for one liter and extra virgin olive oil, 35€ - 5 litres. Viber: +306985128153 Domestic marmalade in very limited amounts made of apricot or other fruit (depending on the yield, they have their own fruit, price 5€ for 250g and 8€ for 500g), homemade pomegranate liqueur 5€ (250ml).

• Honey at a good price, you can buy in the south of the island, in Limenaria, from Anna Passe. It is a quality domestic pine honey from a registered beekeeping household in Castro, 1kg - 8€. Viber contact: +30 6947610003.

• Of course, our friend you all know, Vesna Nikolic from Prinos, who has excellent honey at 7€ per kilo, as well as excellent olive oil, 1 litre 7€ and 5l 35€, and you can buy dried olives (€5) from her. Viber: +306979374165.

• On the ground floor of Studios Herrich on Golden Beach there is a small local shop with local products from Thasos, oil, olives, honey…

• In Limenas you can buy pine honey, that is twirled every year, for 8€ per one kilo and 3kg -22€. This is contact phone number: +306951611605.

We are sending you our best regards and would like that you try and enjoy local products.

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