Since I have been getting tons of mail enquiring about the weather in May on a daily basis, I have decided to try and write something about it, even though it is somewhat difficult to reply to the questions on weather.
The month of May and spring in general, is the most beautiful part of the year on Thassos. The average temperature is around 24 °C, and there is no wind or rain. The nature is in full bloom and the vegetation is most colorful. The surreal green-blue color of water is breath-taking and the pines and greens above the shore give you the feeling of freshness and complete relaxation.If your reason for visiting Thassos is swimming, you might be disappointed if you visit the island before the 20th of May, because the weather is not ideal for swimming. The air is fresh and chilly so the exit out of water can be a bit unpleasant. Of course, this is not always the case, but most of the time it is. The proof that there are no rules was this November, which was unusually warm, so now we can’t even guess what May of the following year will be like.

There is an unwritten rule that swimming on Thassos begins around Easter. If Easter gets to be around the 1st May holidays, then coming to Thassos is the right choice, because the Greeks highly respect their religious holidays, and especially Easter, being the most important of them, so besides the vacation you can experience the unforgettable holiday atmosphere in Greece.

I am truly sorry because I cannot provide you with concrete answers concerning the weather, but what I find important for you to know is that the Moth of May is a beautiful month for a quiet vacation, without crowds, pleasant temperature, that there is usually no wind or rain, that the smell from the pines is strongest, that swimming may not be pleasant, but the cost of accommodation is very attractive, so all of the above makes many tourists, especially from Scandinavia, want to visit Thassos precisely in May. So, if you head for Thassos without any musts or just the need to swim, you can relax, as well as have a good time.