If you do not have your own or rent a car on Thassos, you will be able to travel from place to place by buses that go around the island at a precisely determined timetable. These buses do not seem to look like public transport buses in bigger cities in Serbia, but more look like tourist, air-conditioned, higher-class buses made for much longer journeys than those you can actually have on Thassos.

Printed timetables you can see on bulletin board of better hotels and villas or simply request from the driver of the first bus you enter. You can get a timetable on kiosks near stations. Pay attention that the timetable is not the same throughout the year, as well as the different timetables from Monday to Saturday and Sunday.

The only disadvantage of this way of sightseeing is that the last departure to Limenas is organized around 17h in Greek time, which is pretty early to return from the beach, and also means that you can not go from other places to Limenas for nightlife because there is no late departures in that direction. Only in the season there is a possibility of a relatively late return from Limenas to the south of the island, as the last bus from Limenas starts at around 19:30.

Bus tickets are not expensive, especially in comparison with the prices of taxi transportation. Taxi is more worth paying for shorter routes if you use it with two or three people (Potos - Limenaria is 5-6 €). From Limenas to a place in the far south (Limenaria, Pefkari, Potos), and back, you can pay about 5 euros, while the taxi is about 45 euros. Ticket prices on shorter routes (several kilometers), such as Limenaria - Teologos, are from 1.80 euros, which is also the minimum price of the ticket.

You can buy tickets on kiosk near bus stations or in the bus.

If you carry inflated mattresses or some other bigger baggage with you, you can hand it over to a driver before entering and it can be placed in the lower trunk of the bus, which is provided for suitcases.

For all information and changes in timetable, you can contact the bus station at +30 25930 22162.