For shopping lovers, Thassos could be a disappointment. In every place there are a lot of shops, but mostly Chinese goods. However, in every place, there are a few shops with high-quality, branded goods.

If you arrive by your own transport, for shopping, of course, we recommend Thessaloniki.
If you do not have a lot of time it is best to move from the city of Thessaloniki to Halkidiki. On the road to Chalkidiki you’ll find Jumbo, Mega Outlet, Cosmos, Ikea.


Jumbo is a children’s store where you can find everything you need for children from 1 age to the age of 12-13 years old. You can buy school supplies, clothes, toys, candies. For a tour of the entire department store, you need a few hours. In addition to a huge variety of all sorts of things, the great thing is that the prices are very low.

Pay attention to the things that are at the entrance. There are toys on special discounts due to failures or damages. Usually the price is several times smaller, because the toy does not have a box or something.

In Jumbo you can find household items at very low prices. So let Jumbo come first if you have children. The choice of clothing is not as big as the selection of toys, especially not in recent years.


Nearby is Ikea. In addition to household things, there you can have lunch at very low prices.


Cosmos is a huge shopping mall where you can buy high-quality and branded clothes, but not cheap. Discounts are available from the end of July for summer clothes and at the end of January for winter clothes. There are bars, a bowling alley, cinema, large supermarket, excellent restaurants, a church. Within the shopping center are all boutiques that can be found in the center of Thessaloniki.


The Mega Outlet has a really great selection brand name stuff but at lower prices. In mid-July are big discounts which last until the end of August. During discounts, you can buy perfumes at lower prices compared to the duty-free shop. Mega Outlet has the most sportswear boutiques.

When you’re already in that area towards Chalkidiki you can go to Magic park, located next to the Cosmos, but also to Waterland.

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