Although every year there is a discussion about the increasing prices in Greece, it always turns out that there are price differences from season to season, but there is no so much difference. We checked out for you the prices in supermarkets on Thassos so in the chart you can check out the prices that you can expect during summer and season 2019.

Bread 0,90-1,20€
Eggs (packet of 6 eggs) 1,20€
Flour (kg) 0,80€
Olive oil (5l) 21-25€
Sunflower oil (1l) 1,30€
Milk from 0,9€
Beef and pork (kg) 8,86,5€
Mixed meat 8€
Cheese gouda (kg) 6,30€
Mortadella (kg) from 5,40€
Picnic salami (kg) 3,30€
Fruits and vegetables
Watermalon from 0,5-0,9€
Apricots from 1,80€
Nectarines from 2€
Cherries from 3€
Lemon 1-1,30€
Tomatoes 1,2€
Potatoes 0,80€
Paprika 1,50€
Onion 0,8-0,9€
Beverages and other food
Gyros pita from 2,50€ Gyros portion from 6-7€
Fanta (1,5l) 1,60€ Coca-cola (1,5l) 1,50€
Pepsi (1,5l) 1,5€ Ivy (1,5l) 1,35€
Sparkling water (1,5l) 0,4€ Water (6 x 1,5l) 1,3-2,2€
Ouzo (0,7l) 6,3-15€ Mythos beer 500ml/330ml 1,351,10€
Milka chocolate (100g) 1€ Nutella (400g) 3,30€
Ice-cream box (1kg) from 3,5€ Ice ball from 1,20€

Other prices

Restaurant prices vary, of course, depending on what restaurant you choose, but keep in mind that the main dish for one person ranges from 7-12e when it comes to grill meat, homemade dishes or pasta. Fish is much more expensive and prices range from 25-60e per kilo depending on the type of fish. For example, orada from fish farms cost 25-30e, while open sea fish cost 40-60e. Beers in restaurants and cafes are from 3e and you can drink coffee for 1,70e.

Scooter rental per day ranges from fifteen euros and up, and a car can be rented for 25e. These prices are for June and September, and prices are much higher in the season and depend on the type of car and the number of rented days. The price for one day for the lowest car in peak season is 35e minimum.

Fruit and vegetable prices are changing during the season, often on a weekly basis.

What could be seen as a significant increase this year is the price of olive oil. While last year a liter of cold-pressed olive oil could be bought for about 6e, now that same oil costs about 7-8e. A can of 5l of oil of the same quality now costs about 25e instead of last year’s 22-23e. Sellers justify this increase in bad olives, not only in Greece, but also in Italy, Spain. These prices are for olive oil from domestic producers. In supermarkets can be bought at lower prices from the producers from abroad.

Umbrellas and sunbeds on city beaches can be used with ordered drinks. There are several rental options available on popular beaches: minimum consumption, with ordered drinks, and a set (two sunbeds plus umbrella) from 5-20e.

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