Palataki is a symbol of Limenaria. The building that looks like an old castle was actually an administrative building of the German company Speidel who exploited iron ore from Thassos during World War II. It was built in 1903. and German company withdrew 1963. The building is currently being renovated and will be most likely used as a cultural center.

Palataki is located 5 minutes walk from the port of Limenaria. It is surrounded by pine trees and it's really beautiful to for a walk. In front of the Palataki, in the shade of pines, there are benches where you can rest and take a look at Limenaria. Panorama is breathtaking. The most beautiful photos of Limenaria emerged from that place. Left of Palataki is a church dedicated to St. Nicholas. It was built by fishermen because of the belief that St. Nicholas is the patron of sailors. It was built on the hill so that St. Nicolas can look at them.

Immediately after Palataki steep path is leading to the beach Metalia. This provides a beautiful view of the sea, and for me it's one of the places with the most beautiful view of Thassos. Here you can see the remains of the old mine, and all that part around Metalia is reminiscent of an old city.

The area around Metalia is protected and thus not allowed to build there. On the beach there is a beach bar where you can order a drink or a sandwich. As for the beach it is very interesting and unusual, and the tourists either love or avoid it, but it is obviously different compared to other beaches on this island. On the shore it's a small gravel, stone in the water, slippery board and it is not recommended that children go into the water by themself.
Depending on the currents, this beach is changing and occasionally a stone panels are completely covered with small sand.
What impresses me is the incredible peace and quiet on the beach, but there is a bar, with silent music, sunbeds, volleyball net... If you one of those tourists who love to read or even nap on the beach then Metalia ideal for you :)
On the right side of the beach there is a small tunnel through the rock, which leads to other beaches, a lot smaller, but with the crystal clear water, too.

On the left side, above Limenaria there are zodiacal signs arranged in a circle, so you can, if you believe in astrology, stand in front of your sign and collect positive energy until next summer. I do not believe in horoscopes, but I often walk to the signs.

If you are adventurous and go through the tunnel to the small beaches, you can continue through the wall to reach another beautiful little cove. Depending on whether the tide is low, you may need to swim one part to it. Swimming in the cove resembles swimming in an exotic beaches. To the left of the cove is a rock that is ideal for jumping. I recommend this small cove to anyone with an adventurous spirit and all lovers and romantic souls, and nudists.
In the end I just want to say that in my opinion the ideal day is: a walk through the pine forest, going to a small church, swimming in the wild cove, jumping off a cliff, amazing sunset with a beautiful view of Mount Athos and of course a little picture snaps, so if you are a romantic soul take one day for Palataki and Metalia if you are staying in Limenaria.