Monastery of Panagia is located on the way to Maries. Before the village of Maries, you will see the signs for right turn to the monastery. As I mentioned in a post before, road to Maries is very nice, because of really beautiful olive groves and beautiful nature in general, through which runs the road. You can see a lot of deciduous trees like birch, which really is not the case with the rest of the island. You have to drive carefully, as there are often flock of sheep on the road.

The monastery was built in 1813th year.
The monastery is male and has a population of only one monk. At the site of the monastery once existed only spring of water. It is unknown how the famous icon of the Holy Virgin apeared here, which was once upon a time stolen by pirates from a church in the continental part of Greece. At the spring have occurred various miracles and healing, so that the stories of healings word spread throughout Greece.

At that time, there was a wealthy Turk in Constantinople, whose wife was bedridden. He tried in every possible way to cure her, led her to the best doctors, but did not succeed. Due to the beneficial effects of sources in Maries was widely heard, Turk decided to bring his wife to this spring as the last resort. Upon arrival on the island has promised that if his wife heals, he will buy a large estate around the spring and build a church there. The woman was truly healed and so he built a church, and the monastery at the spring, and to this day people come for healing.

It is customary for people to whom the Holy Virgin help to heal, return to the monastery and make lamp. So the ceiling of the church is full of the lamp. In addition, at the gates there are a large number of plates which show various body parts of people who are sick.

Water from the spring is mountainous and very drinkable, and tourists usually come with bottles to take home and give to sick relatives or acquaintances.

The monastery is small and located in an olive grove.

Note the time of the visit, because the monastery is closed to visitors from 13h-18h (or from 14-17).