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aliki beach thassos  (3)
Updated November 14, 2019 14 comments

Top 10 most beautfiul beaches on Thassos

It's well known that Thassos offers more beaches than one can count. There is something for everyone, sandy and rocky, wild and urban, with shade and no shade... On Thassos, there's no doubt that everybody can find a beach that satisfies all of their needs. We're fans of sandy...

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Updated November 14, 2019 18 comments

Beaches on Thassos - description and how to get there

In this article, you can see a list of all beaches on Thassos and instructions on how to reach them. If you don't have a GPS device or GPS coordinates with you, a printed version of the instructions we're about to give you would be more than welcome. You can find...

Nudist beaches 1
Updated November 13, 2019 no comments

Nudist beaches

Parts of some of the famous beaches on Thassos are reserved for nudists. The most famous one which nudists can also enjoy is Paradise beach in its eastern part (left while looking at the sea). In addition to that, there are many beautiful coves beside the beach that are...

glyfada beach thassos greece (5)
Updated October 15, 2019 2 comments

Glyfada Beach

Glyfada Beach is located on Thassos, about 3km from Limenas, on the way to Skala Prinos and Potos. Before the turn for the popular La Scala beach, there is a sign for the Glyfada hotel, and this is the road leading to the beach, as the hotel with the same...

St. Anna Beach 23
Updated October 2, 2019 1 comment

Santa Anna Beach

Santa Anna Beach is located 4km from Potos to Astris, just one kilometer after Roso Gremos.
The beach is not visible from the highway, but you will recognize it when you see the extension by the road, on the right side of the highway and the wire surrounded garden. Here...

Atspas beach 1
Updated September 10, 2019 7 comments

Atspas beach

Atspas beach is one of three beaches located in Skala Maries. It's 6km from Limenaria on the west coast. When approaching Skala Maries, don't go right on the highway but continue forward to enter Skala Maries. Before entering, right at the first villas and cafes, you'll see below on the left, small beach with cane umbrellas. You can get down there with a car. It's a small and...

vigli restaurant golden beach
Updated August 20, 2019 4 comments

Our little perfect places

I will share with you our favorite places in which we like to stop by when we have free time during the summer.

Since we live and work in Potos, most of them are in the south of the island.

One of our...

Supply on Thassos 1
Updated August 19, 2019 4 comments

Supply on Thassos

there are two big supermarkets on Thassos of large retail chains. One of Greek chain Arvanitidis, in Limenas on the way to complex Makryammos, and second one Masoutis in Pefkari (between limenaria and Potos). Therefore, if you want to make a larger purchase at lower prices in Lidl, you...

The Monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael Thassos 4

The presence, miracles, and the importance of the monastery of St. Archangel Michael on Thasos are connected with the history of the holy nail which was in Christ’s right hand. In fourth century, mother of Constantine the Great decided to build churches in all of the places that were...

karidaki meli wallnut honey thassos (1)
Updated August 3, 2019 no comments

Wallnut in Honey

Da li ste probali orahe u medu na Tasosu? Celi orasi (dok su još zeleni kao na fotografiji) u sirupu i medu pravi su specijalitet ostrva. Ovo slatko je karakteristično za Tasos i ima dugu tradiciju. Veoma je ukusno i može se kupiti na svakom ćošku. Mi obično kupujemo limenku ili...