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Maries village 1
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Maries village

Maries village is located 200m above sea level, 12km northeast of the Skala Maries. It can also be reached via the Limenaria road, a pleasant ride through olive groves and pines. There are about 700 residents who are mainly engaged in livestock and beekeeping. On the way to the...

pefkari beach 6
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Pefkari is a small place in the south of the island. It is located between Limenaria and Potos, with Limenaria 3km away, and Potos less than two kilometers. The place has its beach, Pefkari beach with a line of hotels and villas along the full stretch of the beach....

Limenas Town 1
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Limenas or Thassos Town (how it's often called as of late) is the capital town on the island with a total of 4000 inhabitants. The town is very nice, with its new and the old harbor, a large promenade by the sea, a few paved streets within the promenade with...

Limenaria 40
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Limenaria is the second largest town on the island. It is located in the south of the island, 5km away from Potos. Limenaria has about 3000 inhabitants and like Potos, is divided by the main road into two parts. Below the road, towards the sea, is the largest number of...

Kinira 1
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Kinira is a small place that in recent years is experiencing a tourist boom. The name Kinira refers to a small island opposite of Paradise beach, but the coast has the same name. The place has several excellent restaurants, a pizzeria and a supermarket where, besides the usual stuff,...

kastro village thassos  (3)
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Kastro is a medieval village, probably the oldest in Thassos. It is located in the center of the island, at 450m above sea level. It is 16km from Limenaria (northeast). The road was recently paved. If you have an adventurous spirit, you can take the Castro route on foot...

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Astrida beach

Astrida beach is a small bay at the entrance of the place Astris (coming from Potos direction). The beach is sandy on the shore while in the water there are parts with rocks and parts with sand. You can get free umbrellas and sunbeds if you order something from a...

Astris 1
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Astris is a small town in the southeast of the island. The literature reports the name Astrida relating to the same place, but Astris is more in use.

It is a place of only a few dozen inhabitants in winter, without much commercial and tourist attractions. It...

Skala Kallirachi city beach 2
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Skala Kallirachi city beach

The city beach at Skala Kallirachi is small and mostly gravel on the shore and in the water. It is not organized and has no sunbeds and umbrellas. It can be used when you are not in a position to visit some of the more beautiful beaches on the...

Kallirachi village 1
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Kallirachi village

Kallirachi is a small village on the western side of the island. History of the village goes back ten centuries ago when pirates from Tripoli used wood around Kallirachi to create a fleet of ships to invade Thessaloniki. Throughout history, it was burnt down and dynamited several times, both by...