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island beach bar limenas thassos (10)
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Island Beach Bar

Island Beach Bar is one of the best beach bars in Limenas. It is located outside the main port so the sea view is nice with boats that are passing around. The food is always fresh, and there is a wide choice of refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The bar...

Saliara (Marble) beach 15
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Saliara (Marble) beach

This beach is a bit far, inaccessible well, and wide, dusty road is leading to it, the road where marble is transporting. To get to the beach it is best to follow the signs for Makryammos beach, and then before you get to the gate to the complex Makryammos go...

platana beach bar skala rachoni thassos 9
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Platana Beach Bar

Well hidden in the greenery of pines from the seaside scenery, the Platana beach really plays with your senses. It attracts visitors with a peaceful and pleasant place. Both the pine-trees that stretch to the salty sea and the fresh and shallow water give a unique, special look to Platana beach. ...

paradise beach thassos
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Beaches near Potos and Limenaria

Potos and Limenaria are the biggest and most popular places in the south of Thassos. The distance between them is 4km so it is the same if you are staying in one or another place, the same beaches will be near in both cases. There is also Pefkari which...

golden beach thassos
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Beaches around Limenas

Limenas is the capital and the biggest city on the island. It is located in the north and it has the most attractions for the visitors. Except that, near Limenas there are some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, so if you choose Limenas for your base...

Makryammos beach 1
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Makryammos beach

Makryammos is the only resort on this island with an entrance gate and charging fee. It is sandy, organized private beach belonging to the complex Makryammos Bungalows. The entrance costs 3e for adults, for children up to 12 years old is 1,5e and a set of sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach...

porto vathy beach thassos  (1)
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Porto Vathy beach

Porto Vathy beach is located about 7km from Limenas. Follow the road sign for Makryammos beach, and when you arrive at the Makryammos gate, continue to the right, on a dusty road for another 4,5 kilometers, without turning. First you'll arrive at the Marble (Saliara) beach and after about 500m...

nisteri beach thassos 1
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Nisteri beach

The beach is located just 1km from Limenas to Skala Prinos. Nisteri is a sandy beach both on the coast and in the water, with a gradual depth and a shoal. There's plenty of trees on the beach, creating a lot of natural shade. It is organized, has a shower...

Dasilio beach 30
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Dasilio beach

Dasilio beach is several kilometers long and is located left of port in Skala Prinos. It is mostly sandy but there are parts covered in rocks and mud in the water. In any case, there are great sandy parts ideal for children and swimmers. Those parts are located in...

Artemis beach 9
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Artemis beach

Artemis beach is sandy, organized and well maintained located in Skala Prinos. It is mostly used by the guests from the Artemis Beach hotel, but the beach is free for all the rest. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be used with an ordered drink. The first few meters in the water are sandy...