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thassos map 3
Updated March 26, 2020 no comments

The map of Thassos

Very useful chart with the distances between places. To check out accommodation offers on Thassos click...

What to eat in restaurant 1
Updated April 13, 2020 15 comments

What to eat in restaurant

Here are some things that are favorite in restaurants on Thasos, and we recommend you try them. 1. Moussaka
2. Stifado
3. Pastitsio
4. Kleftiko  When it comes to homemade dishes, then of course you should try the Greek mousaka. It is very tasty and made of...

cruising thassos  (12)
Updated April 27, 2020 12 comments

Boat Trip on Thassos

The boat cruise is a very popular way to learn more about Thassos. Boats that take a maximum of 60 people depart from Limenaria and Potos around 9am and the arrival is around 5pm. You will have fun during the cruise, see Giola (natural pool carved into the rocks), monastery, Aliki...

A circle around the island, Part 1 1
Updated April 28, 2020 no comments

A circle around the island, Part 1

This article is intended as a short guide that will be useful for you during vacation, without much details and photos. Each place, which we recommend you visit, has a separate article on our website. So here is only a practical and concise guide. Let's say you are in Potos...

armeno restaurant skala maries thassos  (3)
Updated April 15, 2020 8 comments

Armeno Restaurant

The Armeno Restaurant at Skala Maries (or Skala Marion) is one of the best seafood restaurants in southern Thassos. If you mention our agency or show our discount card you will get a 10% discount. On the menu of this restaurant you will find fresh fish caught in the sea, not...

nisteri beach thassos 1
Updated March 25, 2020 1 comment

Nisteri beach

The beach is located just 1km from Limenas to Skala Prinos. Nisteri is a sandy beach both on the coast and in the water, with a gradual depth and a shoal. There's plenty of trees on the beach, creating a lot of natural shade. It is organized, has a shower...

The Monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael Thassos 4

The presence, miracles, and the importance of the monastery of St. Archangel Michail on Thasos are connected with the history of the holy nail which was in Christ's right hand. In fourth century, mother of Constantine the Great decided to build churches in all of the places that were important...

fishing on thassos  (1)
Updated April 15, 2020 25 comments

Fishing on Thasos

You have arrived in Thassos and you are going on your first swim. The first thing you will notice is the transparency of the water and its amazing green-blue color and then the small fish that swim around your legs.
These fishes are a real joy for children...