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The weather in May

Although it is very ungrateful to answer questions about the weather, the month of May and spring, in general, are the most beautiful part of the year on Thassos. The average temperature is about 24 degrees, and generally without wind or rain. Nature is in its full splendor and...

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Walnut in Honey

Have you tried nuts in honey on Thassos? Whole walnuts (while still green) in syrup and honey are a famous specialty of the island.
This sweet is characteristic of Thassos and has a long tradition. It is very tasty and can be bought at every corner.
We recommend...

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Updated April 15, 2020 8 comments

Armeno Restaurant

The Armeno Restaurant at Skala Maries (or Skala Marion) is one of the best seafood restaurants in southern Thassos. If you mention our agency or show our discount card you will get a 10% discount. On the menu of this restaurant you will find fresh fish caught in the sea, not...

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Updated April 15, 2020 6 comments

Skala Maries and Maries village

###Skala Maries Skala Maries is a cute little town positioned in the southwest of the island, about 35km from Limenas and 6km from Limenaria. With village Maries, fifteen kilometers into the inside of the island, Skala Maries makes one territory area. According to tradition, there are two versions of how the...

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Aquarius pizzeria

Since we are always in a hurry in the summer and often do not have time to cook or go to a restaurant, we usually order take away food from the restaurant. The most convenient choice for this is Aquarius pizzeria. It is located on the main street in Potos,...

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Iatrou Tavern (Kleoniki)

The Iatrou or Kleoniki tavern (at famous Kostas with mustache) is at the end of Theologos. At the entrance to Theologos, you come to an intersection. Drive to the right for about 500-600m. Near the end of the village, you will see in capital letters written ''Iatrou'' on the right....

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Traditional products - dried olives

A perfect taste in itself, and not only a salad addition, but also to other food dried olive dishes give it a special, different taste. We chose Throuba Tasou, dried olives. According to the description: meaty olives with a strong, rich taste. It's not a pleasure you get when you...

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The best lukumades in Thassos

The donuts - like balls, called loukoumades, topped with sweet syrup and served with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon, are donuts that all tourists are speaking about when returned home from a summer vacation on Thassos. This Greek specialty is making the only one person on the island, alone, in...

vigli restaurant golden beach
Updated April 14, 2020 4 comments

Our little perfect places

We will share with you our favorite places we like to stop by when we have free time in the summer. Since we live and work in Potos, most of them are located in the south of the island. One of our favorite restaurants is San Antonio. In addition to good...