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Market day in Prinos 1
Updated March 12, 2018 6 comments

Market day in Prinos

Market day on Thassos is Monday, and market is located in Prinos and is open from about 9 to 14h.

On it you can find stalls with dressing, fruit and vegetables, small choice of smoked meat and dairy products, bedding and curtains.


fishing on thassos  (1)
Updated March 12, 2018 25 comments

Fishing on Thasos

You have arrived on Thasos and now you are going for the first swim. The first thing you will notice is the transparency of water and its surreal green-blue color, and then small fish swimming around your legs.
These small fish are a joy for children who...

The most important places on Thasos 3
Updated March 8, 2018 5 comments

The most important places on Thasos

This post is meant firstly for those who are spending their summer vacation on Thasos for the first time. I will list the most important places you should visit, the beaches to swim at... in other words, what to do during the first 10 days. In case you don't...

A circle arround the island, Part 2 1
Updated March 8, 2018 3 comments

A circle arround the island, Part 2

We continue our circle around the island. We have reached the Blue Palace hotel and are moving on to Scala Maries (Marion). It is 4 km from Trypiti. We approach the scale and instead of passing it by turning right, we continue moving forward in order to pass through the...

A circle around the island, Part 1 1
Updated March 8, 2018 no comments

A circle around the island, Part 1

This post started as an idea of a sort of a guidance you could use on your vacation, without too many details or photos… I will write a special post about each of the places I recommend visiting over the next few days. This is just a practical and...

What to eat in restaurant 1
Updated March 2, 2018 15 comments

What to eat in restaurant

Here are some things that are my favorite ones on Thasos, and I recommend you try them.
1. Moussaka
2. Stifado
3. Pastitsio
4. Kleftiko  Stifado is a traditional dish with rabbit meat and when you order, specify that you want it...

Snow on Thasos 1
Updated March 2, 2018 3 comments

Snow on Thasos

It is a snowy day today. It’s sunny, but cold. On the south side of the island there is snow only on the surrounding mountains, whereas on the north, snow has covered everything. Generally, the south part of the island has a much better climate than the north. During the...

Greek bougatsa
Updated March 2, 2018 17 comments

Try bugatsa

Since I am constantly writing about food, you must think that I weigh over 100kg, but I don’t weigh even 50...:) I am a bit hungry at the moment, and while I am thinking what to write about, I am thinking of bugatsa, and then the famous lamb, and then...

DSC 3363
Updated March 2, 2018 5 comments

The weather in May

Since I have been getting tons of mail enquiring about the weather in May on a daily basis, I have decided to try and write something about it, even though it is somewhat difficult to reply to the questions on weather.
The month of May and spring in...

The oil from thasos 1
Updated March 1, 2018 8 comments

The oil from thasos

Thasos is known for its olive oil, honey and marble.

The first thing you will see when you land on Thasos are great olive plantations. For years the people of Thasos have lived off of olives and fishing. To this day every family has a...