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Maries Lake 1
Updated January 23, 2018 7 comments

Maries Lake

On this island there are many sources of fresh water. Most of them are in the village of Panagia, but almost every village has at least one source. It is not so many of islands in Greece.

Source of mountain water in Panagia, below the sycamore...

Ipsarion Summit 1
Updated January 23, 2018 2 comments

Ipsarion Summit

Ipsarion is the highest peak on Thassos (1204)

The reason why it took me so long to write a post about it is that I have never climbed it :) Not because I don’t like adventures, but during summer I’m usually very busy, and when I...

Geography and Demography of Thassos 1
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Geography and Demography of Thassos

Thassos is the northernmost island of the Aegean archipelago, located very close to the eastern coastline of the Greek area of Macedonia. It rests 6 naval miles (round 11 km) from the harbour of Keramoti, 12 miles or round 22 km from Kavala, 27 miles or 50 km from...

Agios Vasilios (Vournelis) Beach 4
Updated January 23, 2018 2 comments

Agios Vasilios (Vournelis) Beach

Vournelis Beach is part of the coast which is located in front of the Vournelis hotel in Limenas, right of the harbor. Original name of the beach is Agios Vasilios beach. This is long, narrow beach with gravel on the shore and rocky or sandy parts in the water. First...

Fauna of Thassos 1
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Fauna of Thassos

On Thassos amphibians, reptiles, and birds thrive. There are no wild mammals. Rabbits are rarely seen, deer from time to time . There are sheep and goats on the hillsides and slopes of the island. However, as on other Greek islands, cats are the most numerous domestic animals. During...

Vathi beach 3
Updated January 23, 2018 13 comments

Vathi beach

Vathi is pretty narrow and sandy wild beach. Not organized, and it has no sunbeds or showers. The sea is unrealistically clear and transparent, and shoal is long. It's characterized by soft and bright and like flour fine sand, so the water is bright blue, and in the afternoon it's...

zevs i evropa
Updated January 23, 2018 3 comments

Mythology of Thassos

![Limenaria - Zeus and Europa](images/stories/Mira/zevs i evropa.jpg) According to the famous ancient historian Herodotus, the island was named after Thassos, the son ( or grandson) of Phoenician king Aginora. Thassos, who led the sea expedition in search of his sister Europe abducted by Zeus, reached the island. He did not...

St. Anna Beach 23
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St. Anna Beach

St. Anna Beach is located 4km from Potos to Astris, just one kilometer after Roso Gremos.
The beach is not visible from the highway, but you will recognize it when you see the extension by the road, on the right side of the highway and the wire surrounded garden. Here...

tarsanas beach limenas thassos 4
Updated January 23, 2018 4 comments

Tarsanas Beach

Tarsanas is a small and organized sandy beach, with plenty of natural shade, located in front of Tarsanas Studios.

The sea has a gradual depth with sandy bottom and a shoal for children.

If you purchase a drink, coffee, ice cream or...