We have heard that Edessa is very beautiful city, but we didn't expect that it is quite so beautiful. This city is the real pearl of northern Greece. It is located about 90km from Thessaloniki. Edessa is the city of water. It's amazing how many wellsprings, streams, waterfalls and rivers there are...First of all, the approach to the city is very intersting. The city is built on the hill and the first thing you will see on the arrival is the biggest waterfall, called Karanos. Edessa is the touristic city and there are a plenty of accommodation facilities for the land city. There's even a five-star hotel.

Upon arrival it would be nice to walk from the old town, named Varosi, to the opposite side of the town. The most common reason why people come to vist Edessa is its waterfalls. They are the most famous and the biggest ones in Greece. The most wonderful is the great waterfall. You could even pass below it.

In the city you could also vistit the open-air Water Museum and the old textile factory. The park, where the waterfalls are located, is one of the most beautiful parks in whole Greece: full of shade, nice trails, vegetation and water. Into the deep shade of park, there are restaurants and cafes that are great for a break with a drink.

Although there are more attractive restaurants, above the waterfalls in the park, we reccomend the one called Ousies, there you could have your lunch or dinner. That is a tavern with affordable prices for small portions of appetizers and main courses.

Edessa is enchanting in the spring and summer when everything becomes green, so you could visit this city on your way back from vacation.

Some cafes have the panoramic view of the vast green plain at the foothill of the city.

You should also visit the church of the Virgin Mary from 14th century.

In the city center, there is a big fountain in the main square, surrounded with cafes and restaurants, pastry shops and many other stores. From the square you can see paved streets that are pedestrian zone.

Edessa has a very pleasant atmosphere, a promenade with shops and a lot of tourists. This city reminds of coastal towns and we recommend it like one-day or a weekend visit.