Varvara waterfalls are 8km from the Olympiada and 15km from Stavros. A visit to the waterfalls is the perfect excursion for nature lovers.

If your starting point is Stavros, drive towards Olympiada and when you reach the intersection take a right towards Varvara village. After about 5km you will get to a viewpoint, where you can take a break if you wish, and continue the journey. After 700-800m you’ll reach the dirt road you should take. There’s also a small signboard on the left, but it is not particularly noticeable. Follow the road (quite damaged after the weather storm) for about 3km until you see a map showing the waterfalls and how to get there. To the left is the path to a large waterfall, and to the right to a slightly smaller one. You can park your car there and continue on foot.

The waterfalls can be reached within a 10-minute walk. The road is a real little adventure, and the wild and beautiful nature takes you to hidden waterfalls. Part of the road is an easy walk along a well-maintained path.

The water is cool and clear and you can take a swim in it.

If you’re in the mood for a little excursion into unspoiled nature, Varvara waterfalls are waiting for you.