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The Thessaloniki region is excellently developed in terms of tourism for many years now, and the Stavros and Asprovalta live throughout the year. Thessaloniki region is located close to important road Thessaloniki – Kavala, and further Tasos or Alexandroupoli, so that's an additional reason why this stretch has plenty...

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Paralia Vrasna

Paralia Vrasna is located next to Nea Vrasna. It's a smaller place without too much tourist facilities, ideal for a quiet family holiday without the hustle and bustle. It has one street i.e. promenade along the beach, full of restaurants, cafes and taverns. The beach is sandy, and together with the...

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Nea Vrasna

Nea Vrasna is about 70km from Thessaloniki and Kavala. Asprovalta is at only 500m, and you can take the evening walk to it if you want more tourist facilities. Stavros is only 6km away, so the facilities of this town are also easily accessible to Nea Vrasna's guests. Although...

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Estia bakery

A pastry shop and a bakery - all in one! Definitely one of the best, if not the best bakery in Thessaloniki and maybe even entire Greece. Pastries and cakes are actual artworks. Don't even get us started on the taste! It's something you must try at least once! It is...

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Nimfopetres - an unusual park

If you're planning your summer vacation in the Thessaloniki region or you're travelling in the direction of Kavala and Thassos, we suggest taking a small break by the lake Volvi, and all you need to do is make a small turn from the Egnatia highway to a park named...

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Waterland water park in Thessaloniki

Waterland water park in Thessaloniki is located outside of town, near Mediterranean Cosmos shopping center. The park is not very new, but it's well kept, clean and neat and every summer it's a pleasure to many, both children and adults. In case you've visited some big water parks in Turkey and...