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nea flogita kassandra 13
Updated March 25, 2020 2 comments

Nea Flogita and Nea Plagia

Nea Flogita and Nea Plagia are only half an hour drive from Thessaloniki and belong to the Halkidiki. The places are connected and Nea Flogita is slightly bigger, prettier and more popular. Due to the proximity of Thessaloniki, there's not many accommodation units and hotels in these places, as many...

siviri kassandra 1
Updated March 25, 2020 2 comments


Siviri is a place with Mediterranean vibe in the western part of Kassandra peninsula in Halkidiki, less than 100km from Thessaloniki. The place is small, but it has all the facilities needed for a peaceful family holiday. There are several shops, taverns and fast-food restaurants, bakeries, butcher shops, pastry shops,...

Neos Marmaras 2
Updated March 27, 2020 2 comments

Neos Marmaras

Neos Marmaras is located in the  middle of the western side od Sithonia, 767km away from Belgrade. Nicely spreading over 3 surrounding hills it is the center of all events on Sithonia, so everyone can find something appealing to them, whether it be fun, gastronomy, luxury, beaches... Neos Marmaras was...

orange beach 7
Updated November 16, 2019 2 comments

Orange beach (Kavourotripes)

This phenomenal beach is certainly one of the best on Sithonia, and probably the entire Halkidiki peninsula. It is known under several names - Orange beach, Kavourotrypes,  Portokali... Kavourotrypes is actually the name of the 5 km long coast and along this coast there's a lot of coves with white...

Koukoutsi Tavern Limenaria Thassos Greece 3
Updated August 16, 2018 2 comments

Koukoutsi tavern

In the small narrow street in Limenaria is located the tavern Koukoutsi. It is a traditional Greek tavern well known among the locals. Coming from Prinos on the main cross road in Limenaria continue straight uphill towards Potos and the church and turn left to the second street. The restaurant is...

Ipsarion Summit 1
Updated January 23, 2018 2 comments

Ipsarion Summit

Ipsarion is the highest peak on Thassos (1204)

The reason why it took me so long to write a post about it is that I have never climbed it :) Not because I don’t like adventures, but during summer I’m usually very busy, and when I...

Agios Vasilios (Vournelis) Beach 10
Updated March 26, 2020 2 comments

Agios Vasilios (Vournelis) Beach

Vournelis Beach is part of the coast which is located in front of the Vournelis hotel in Limenas, right of the harbor. The original name of the beach is Agios Vasilios beach. This is a long, narrow beach with gravel on the shore and rocky or sandy parts inside the...

Thimonia Beach 3
Updated March 24, 2020 2 comments

Thimonia Beach

People say that Thimonia is the only beach left on the island that is not organized and without sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. This beach is famous for its beautiful blue-green water, like the one on Alyki, only 2km away. On the shore, there are pebbles and small rocks, while in the...

Updated January 23, 2018 2 comments

Important telephone numbers

If you call the numbers in Greece from abroad, you must first enter the exit code (00) and country code for Greece (30), followed by a four-digit or five-digit area code and place in Greece (Thessaloniki in 2310, the Kavala 2510, for Hrisupoli 25910 , and of Thassos 25930),...