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The most important places on Thasos 3
Updated March 8, 2018 5 comments

The most important places on Thasos

This post is meant firstly for those who are spending their summer vacation on Thasos for the first time. I will list the most important places you should visit, the beaches to swim at... in other words, what to do during the first 10 days. In case you don't...

sarti sithonia halkidiki 3
Updated April 24, 2019 5 comments


Sarti is the most popular and visited place on the Sithonia peninsula, on Halkidiki.
It is a small fishing town of total of 900 settlers.
It is 140km away from Thessaloniki, being situated on the eastern coast of Sitonia, between Vourvourou and Sykia. ...

vrste prevoza
Updated March 27, 2018 5 comments

How to get to Thassos

There are several ways to get to Thassos. By Airplane Thassos doesn't have an airport but there are two international airports which are nearby.

Thessaloniki airport is bigger, which means there are more flights available from many European cities. If you land in Thessaloniki you have 2 hours...

Notos beach 14
Updated June 25, 2019 5 comments

Notos beach

Notos beach is located 3km east of Potos, just after the beach Roso Gremos from which only rocks seprate it.
The beach is small, with a steep footpath 30 meters long, but with clear water and fine sand on the shore and in the water, and definitely one...

Limenas city beach 24
Updated January 23, 2018 5 comments

Limenas city beach

City beach in Limenas is small, beautiful and sandy.

It is located 1.5 km from the port (a new port where the ferries dock) so no need to worry about whether the water is clean or not, because the water is clean, as is the beach...

travel by car to sithonia
Updated October 9, 2018 5 comments

Trip to Sithonia by car

In this text we will describe the road from Belgrade to Nikiti, the capital city of Sithonia, which is the first important location on this glorious peninsula. We will not describe the road through Serbia much because we assume that this part of the road is well known. The highway leads...

which place to choose thassos  (2)
Updated January 23, 2018 5 comments

What place to choose?

Arriving at Tasos but do not know where is best to stay?

You're not alone. It is the most common question we get. Let's try to clarify a bit.

The largest towns on Thassos are Limenas (the capital), Limenaria, Skala Potamia, Golden beach...

Why Potos? 7
Updated January 23, 2018 5 comments

Why Potos?

Why is Potos that much wanted? What are its advantages?

First of all it is the location - south. More hours of sunshine, no wind, proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches (Psili Ammos, Notos, San Antonio, Pefkari), close to Limenaria (4km) second-largest city on...

kalamitsi beach sithonia 44
Updated January 23, 2018 4 comments

Kalamitsi beach

Kalimitsi is a beach on the very south of Sitonia. One of the nearest places are Toroni and Sykia, but Kalimitsi is also a small village beside this beach, so you can find here accommodation as well as restaurants, bars, market... With its semi-circle shape and a warm atmosphere,...

vigli restaurant golden beach
Updated August 20, 2019 4 comments

Our little perfect places

I will share with you our favorite places in which we like to stop by when we have free time during the summer.

Since we live and work in Potos, most of them are in the south of the island.

One of our...