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Valti beach

Valti is located north from the big Sykia beach, right after Griavas beach. This is a 500 m long sandy beach. It is protected from the wind and it offers enjoyment without the crowd. In one part of the beach there is a bar with sunbeds, but still most...

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Agridia beach

Agridia is the first beach in the area around Sykia, coming from Sarti. Traveling this way after 3 km you will see the turn for Agridia beach from the main road. After making the turn drive for about 1.5 km on the dusty road, but carefully and watch for...

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Pigadaki beach

Pigadaki beach is just around 100 m away from Linaraki. When you get to Sykia beach, drive uphill to Pigadaki beach, and after a few hundred meters you will get to another bay called Pigadaki. This is a small beach, around hundred meters long, with two famous restaurants in the back....

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Roads on Thassos

All around the island, there is a very solid road with two lanes. This road is mostly by the sea, which makes rides on the island special pleasure. There aren't dangerous parts. Section of the road Limenas - Skala Maries has a few curves and slopes. It is part...

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Thassos Ferry

Ferries to Thassos go from two coastal places: Kavala and Keramoti. From Kavala, it is possible to take the ferry to Skala Prinos and from Keramoti to Limenas. The Kavala - Skala Prinos route takes 75 minutes, and the Keramoti - Limenas route only 35 minutes. Among tourists more popular...

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If you want to experience Thassos in the right way you need to have a car for at least two days. It would be ideal if everybody came in their own car but also coming by bus has its own advantages, especially if the bus is new and comfortable. This...

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A must see/do on Thassos

If it is your first time on the island and if you are not from tourists who repeat destinations, here is advice about what you must visit, try and where to swim. Of the major places visit Potos and Limenas in the evening because the beaches are not interesting enough...