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Who are we?

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Nikana Travel is a travel agency different from each agency that you have met so far. We are here to listen to your wishes and needs and help you organize a vacation according to your wishes!

We are stationed in Greece, in Thassos, where we live and work for years. Everything went from the desire to help you meet Greece in a different way. Guided by this, we toured each of the apartments located on our site and personally checked it out. We offer our clients only proven accommodation, in which we would love spend vacation ourselves.

We specialize in Greece and we have over 2500 accommodation facilities on offer. For many destinations, we have more selection of accommodation than any other agency, thanks to many years of direct contact with the Greek apartment owners.

Our agency works as an intermediary to help you find the ideal accommodation for yourself, and then connect you to the apartment owner. Our services are free, we do not take a commission from our clients, but from the owner of the apartment.

Why book accommodation in Greece via our website?

- We are the only agency to help you find accommodation tailored to your wishes! We are here to listen to all your needs and find a solution that will suit you the most. Even if you are not sure what exactly you would like, our team is always there to advise you and to suggest you based on rich experience.

- Our agents are available for 7 days a week, even weekends: We are here for help and advice, both in the process of booking accommodation and during the holidays. In addition, we know how stressful unforeseen circumstances in a foreign country can be, so our team is available to solve many problems, from lost documents to car problems etc.

- First-hand information: There are no generic information on our site. Each facility we have visited personally, and the photos you see were mostly taken by our agents. We do not leave anything to the luck, and in our site there are detailed guides with practical advice that will save you time in Greece - what are the best beaches, what is worth visiting, where to eat, where to go shopping, etc. There are also discounts in many restaurants and cafes that we have provided for our customers.

- No commission. No hidden costs. We do not take any commission from clients, and our clients pay the owner's price, which is lower than in other sites of this type. Also, when booking, you pay a maximum of 30%, and the rest is only when you come to the destination.

- Finally, reliability. Unlike some other sites, Nikana Travel is a registered travel agency that operates under legal regulations and guarantees security. We have existed for 16 years, but the best confirmation of our work is satisfied customers who return to us from year to year. As they like to say, "We change destinations, but the agency through which we reserve - never!"

For all additional questions, you can contact us here or via email nikana@nikana.gr.

How is this website operating?

Search through website, read articles and guest comments, and pick the one you prefer. After you choose the accommodation that suits you, click "Book Now" button and fill in the form. You will get answer from us very shortly.
If you're unsure or need some advice about selection, you can contact us through our contact page or by email nikana@nikana.gr.
If you have a general idea about the kind of accommodation you're looking for, but want more information, you can ask a question in the comments box below the detailed accommodation descriptions on our accommodation page, and you will get an answer in the comments box or via email. If you want to check whether accommodation is available or make additional inquires about price, you can contact us in the same way.

After you have decided on a accommodation and after we check that this accommodation is available for the period you're interested, you will get email with instructions about deposit payment which is 10-30% (it varies from hotel to hotel) of the total price. Deposit is paid on a bank account of the account owner, through bank, over Western Union or with credit card. When the owner receives the deposit than...

You will get voucher via email, which confirms that you have paid and booked accommodation. Voucher contains all the necessary information about the accommodation: address, phone, email, GPS coordinates of the hotel. The only thing remaining is trip to your destination and...

Feet in sand, head in shade, gyros, sirtaki... ahh, you know it already :-)

Why more and more tourists are booking their accommodation with us?

Our services are

free for you

The price you pay is the same as it would be if you had made the arrangements directly with the accommodation owner. We benefit if you book through our website, but take our commission only from the owner for promotion and booking mediation.

We provide you

honest accommodation review

Our goal is for you to find the accommodation that will suit you the most. People's wishes and affinities are different so we can't decide what is best for you but, in these reviews, you can read our impression of the accommodation and the impressions of guests that have already been there, then make your own decision.

We have the same goal

your perfect vacation

We have been in this business for more than ten years and we're planning to stay in it for a long time. Our only promotion and recommendation is satisfied tourists. This website is not just our impression of Greece. It is the place where many Greece fans come to exchange their experiences. Many of them we have met and many of them have been our guests. Their words are our only and best advertisement.