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The most beautiful beaches on Kassandra

The Kassandra peninsula has a very nice coast, but people tend to compare it to Sithonia and Thassos so it's often underrated. That's not completely unjustified though, because the urbanization and the construction of hotels on the coast have disrupted the natural state of the coast, and some of...

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Nea Moudania

Nea Moudania is 55km away from Thessaloniki and represents cultural, financial and commerce center of the  region Halkidiki (the peninisula Kasandra). It is a lively town of 10 thousand citizens, with a marine, a long, sandy beach, a great number of cafes and restaurants, well-arranged parks, a pebbled promenade,...

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Siviri is a small place with a Mediterranean flavour in the west of Kassandra peninsula in Halkidiki. It's less than 100km away from Thessaloniki. The place is small, but it has all the facilities needed for a peaceful family holiday, several shops, taverns and fast food restaurants, bakeries, butcher shops,...

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Beaches nearby Nea Kallikratia

Nea Kallikratia has a long and wide sandy beach. It is nicely arranged, with plenty of bars that offer free sunbeds and umbrellas with a drink. Like in Nea Potidea, the sea is not turquoise here. Many tourists stay exclusively at the local town beach during summer, because it's...

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On Kassandra for The First Time

If you spend your summer holiday on Kassandra for the first time, and you want visit everything that is known and everything that makes it beautiful, follow our text. Cassandra has a very long tradition in tourism and its urbanization lasts many years. However, it did not completely lose on...

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Trip to Kassandra by car

In this text we will describe the route by car from Belgrade to Nea Moudania, the first place on the peninsula of Kassandra. We won't talk much about the road through Serbia, because we assume that this part of the road is known to all. You will follow the highway...

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Cafe Bar Kudu

The tourist offer of Halkidiki peninsula, as the most popular destinations for Serbian tourists who spend their holidays in Greece, is generally known. There are a few places that during the summer season are not "overwhelmed" by guests from Serbia. This, on the one hand, is good for them...

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Local products on Kassandra

Kassandra on Halkidiki produces excellent honey, olive oil and cipuro (grape brandy). The best known honey is the one produced in Agia Paraskevi and you can buy it on the spot from the manufacturer or in local stores. In Kassandra you can also find excellent fruit jam produced in local plantations,...

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Villa Stasa

Vila Stasa in Kassandra, in Loutra, has one of the most beautiful cafés in Chalkidiki. More precisely, the place where the café is located is one of the most beautiful that we had the opportunity to see on our journeys through Greece. The café and villa are located at the...

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Peninsula Kassandra

Kassandra is the peninsula of Halkidiki and so-called first finger. The first place on Kassandra is about 60km from Thessaloniki. Kassandra is more tourist oriented compared to Sithonia and Athos, and therefore more urban, which can be an advantage and a disadvantage. At Kassandra permanently lives about 10 000 inhabitants, while...