Kassandra - comprehensive tourist guide

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    Updated October 31, 2023.

    The most beautiful beaches on Kassandra

    EThe Kassandra peninsula has a very nice coast, but people tend to compare it to Sithonia and Thassos so it's often underrated. That's not completely unjustified though, because the urbanization...

    Updated April 07, 2024.

    Trip to Kassandra by car

    In this text, we will describe the journey by car from Belgrade to Nea Mudanya, practically the first place on the Kassandra peninsula. We will not linger much on the road...

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    Updated March 28, 2024.


    Polichrono is located on the east coast of Kassandra peninsula, about 95km from Thessaloniki and about 700km from Belgrade. In the last few years, Polichrono is becoming an increasingly popular resort...

    Updated March 13, 2024.

    Excursions from Kassandra

    Although only the Kassandra peninsula offers plenty of content for a very rich and varied vacation, excursions are there to make that vacation even more interesting. For specific information and details,...

    Mali proizvođači na Kasandri, Pefkohori, Kassandra

    Dearly beloved, we know you like to buy and try homemade Greek products. **We have made every effort to provide you with contacts from small manufacturers of the most sought-after...

    Updated February 29, 2024.

    Local bus transportation on Kassandra

    You can drive to Halkidiki through the existing road network, which is good and covers all parts. The beauty of Halkidiki is unique and having your own car is ideal,...

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    Updated December 27, 2023.


    Siviri is a place with Mediterranean vibe in the western part of Kassandra peninsula in Halkidiki, less than 100km from Thessaloniki. *The place is small, but it has all the facilities...

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    Updated December 27, 2023.


    Kallithea is a very nice place on the hill, with a fantastic view of the turquoise sea. It's only 90km away from Thessaloniki and 50km from Polygyros, the administrative center...