Frequently asked questions and answers

Frequently asked questions and answers

Summer vacation in Greece - Why choose our agency?

Nikana Travel is different from all other tourist agencies. We specialize is Greece, apartments directly from the owner, which means that on our site you can find the most diverse accommodation in Greece (over 2,500 facilities), and all of them with the official prices of the apartment owner, without any commission.

If you are not sure where to fly or what accommodation it is best for you, we will help you make a real choice when it comes to holiday in Greece. Our agency has existed for 16 years, and each of the destinations we have on offer we personally visited.

What destinations do we offer?

Our specialization is Greece. Destinations that are most popular are: Sithonia, Thassos, Lefkada, Kassandra, Atos, Parga, Vrachos, Thessaloniki Region (Stavros, Asprovalta, Vrasna, etc.), Kavala with surroundings and Kefalonia. For many destinations in Greece, we have the largest offer of various apartments and accommodation!

Our working hours and do we work on weekends?

Our working hours are from 9 am to 10 pm, seven days a week. Our agents are there for you even on weekends. Sometimes on the weekends you have to wait a little longer than weekdays, but our employees will answer you as soon as possible.

Can tourists from Serbia book through us?

Of course. Although the seat of our agency is located in Thassos, Serbian tourists make the largest number of our clients and everything is fully adapted to them.

Greece accommodation and reservations

How do I book accommodation in Greece?

There are two ways to book:

The first way is to choose accommodation from our offer you like, select the dates you are interested in and fill in the reservation inquiry directly on our website. We will contact you as soon as we can confirm the availability of the accommodation for the requested term and send instructions for next step.

Another way is to send an email to and to explain what you are looking for and do you have any special requirements when it comes to accommodation (on the beach, holiday with children, etc.). We will then help you narrow the choice, send accommodation recommendations that meets your criteria, and has the best price and quality ratio. Our agents are available for help and consultation and do not hesitate to ask everything you are interested in.

Is it possible to book accommodation over the phone?

Booking via phone is not available for safety reasons. It is necessary to make a written trace on our agreement, in case of unforeseen circumstances. This practice is in the best interest for our customers, to make sure and all the items of agreement in all times.

Is it possible to book accommodation via social networks?

Unfortunately no. Reservations are made exclusively over the email, for review and security. Our agents are available for seven days a week, and we are known to respond quickly to emails!

How do I check that the accommodation is free in the period I'm interested?

It is possible to check the availability of accommodation on our site, however if you want to be fully sure, it is best to send us an email in order to receive confirmation that accommodation is free. The reason is that availability changes quickly, so the accommodation owners sometimes do not update availability immediately in our system.

How long does the reservation process take and how long do I have to wait for confirmation that accommodation is free?

The reservation process is very fast: as soon as we get your accommodation inquiry over the site or email, our employees contact the owner to confirm that the accommodation is free in the mentioned period and than we send you answer immediately.
In extraordinary circumstances, ie if we can't get the owner over the phone for some reason, it is possible you'll have to wait for our answer for a few hours, maximum 24 hours.

Greece accommodation, payment

When and how is accommodation paid?

When you book accommodation, you pay a deposit in the amount of 20-30% directly to the owner (for which we send you instructions), and pay the rest to the owner upon arrival at accommodation.

It is possible to pay money via bank or through Western Union and PayPal. You get detailed instructions and advice for payment from us, as well as the voucher after paying the deposit.

The most favorable option is the payment to the owner's account via Paysend online service.

The cost of commission pays the sender.

By when it must be deposited?

Deadline for deposit payment is 2 business days from the day of the reservation. Due to the great interest and number of clients, we are not able to preserve accommodation for more than 2 business days.

Is it possible to book accommodation in Greece without paying deposits?

Unfortunately no. The deposit is the only way to book accommodation, because after receiving the deposit the owner is obligated to keep your reservation. Deposit presents security for both sides - you know that accommodation will be guaranteed, and the owner is covered with the deposit in case you don't show up on the agreed date.

Does the reservation through this site cost?

No, our service is completely free for you. Prices that are expressed on the site are prices directly from the owner, according to their official prices. The owners of the facilities themselves update the prices that are expressed on the site, and we have contracts to sell accommodation for their official prices. These are the same prices you would get if you would book accommodation directly from the owner, without intermediaries.

If you wonder how it is possible that we do not take any percent in contrast to other agencies, the explanation is easy. Our agency charges its services from the owner of the apartment in Greece, who pay us for advertisement of their accommodation.

Up to when can I cancel the reservation and is the deposit returned in that case?

Cancellation policy depends from accommodation to accommodation, but 99% of them, owners return the deposit completely, if you cancel accommodation up to 3 weeks before your arrival date. If you cancel less than 3 weeks in advance, the deposit is not returned.

On our website you can read the precise cancellation policy for each accommodation, for additional security.


Is the reservation in this way secure?

Reservations through our site are completely secure. Nikana Travel is a registered travel agency with the number of licenses 01 03 E 60 00 00337 01, and as such is subject to all laws of the Republic of Greece. Security is our highest priority, and our reputation and seriousness are best spoken by many reviews of our clients you can find on our site, forums, or on the Google. The agency has been operating for 16 years and there are ten thousands of satisfied customers, most of which return from year to year.

How do I know I won't be cheated?

All apartments and accommodations you can find on our site has personally visited our employees to make sure of their safety. For added security, when paying deposits for accommodation, it is necessary to take a SWIFT from the bank that represents proof that you have paid money at a specific name in Greece.

What if I come to accommodation in Greece, and the owner didn't save my place?

Thanks to the developed software system we use, the possibility of this error is reduced to a minimum. When you book through our site, you get a voucher with the details of the reservation, which you carry with you when arriving in accommodation. Voucher, as well as SWIFT from the bank, are proof that you have reserved and paid the accommodation.

If there is an error from the owner, the owner is obliged to find an adequate solution. All you have to do is contact us, and we will make sure that in the shortest time, the situation will be resolved.