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    ouranopolis athos (48)
    Updated January 31, 2023.


    Ouranopolis is a small place on the west coast of Athos, mostly known as a starting point for the cruise boats for trips around the Holy Mountain and to Drenia island. This place is cute and has a special charm, a large number of shops and restaurants. Considering the fact that...

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    Updated January 31, 2023.


    Ierissos is the most popular tourist place on the east coast of Athos, the third finger of Halkidiki, at about 740km from Belgrade. A place is small, with a very long beach and promenade. A peaceful, turquoise and clear sea, with a natural shade and no crowd, is perfect for resting...

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    Updated January 30, 2023.

    Nea Rodha

    Nea Rodha is a small place with a pedestrian zone next to the sea and a small port. long the promenade, there are lots of restaurants and coffee shops with a nice sea view, excellent food and drinks. Some of these coffee shops have a playground for children as well. Nea...

    Plaža Ksiropotamos, Atos, Blog, Blog
    Updated December 09, 2022.

    Xiropotamos Beach Athos

    Xiropotamos beach is one of the beaches on Athos that is located near the town of Ierissos, although wherever you spend your summer on Athos you will not be far away. It is less than 6 km from Jerisos, and you can easily find it on the map. It is a...

    Ostrva Drenia poznatija i kao Magareća, Blog, Blog
    Updated December 08, 2022.

    Drenia island, also known as Donkey

    A place with turquoise and crystal clear sea, hidden coves and without too many crowds will be something you will carry with you for a long time in your fond memories of your vacation on Athos. **If you spent your summer on Athos or Amoulani, you must have heard about these...

    Voulitsa plaža na Atosu, Nea Rodha, Athos
    Updated December 07, 2022.

    Voulitsa beach, Athos

    Voulitsa beach is one of the beaches on Athos, which is located just a few minutes' drive from Nea Roda, less than 2 km to be exact. It is about the bay where the beach bar of the same name is located. There are deckchairs and umbrellas on the beach, which...

    Mali proizođači lokjalnih proizvoda na Atosu, Nea Rodha, Athos
    Updated September 13, 2022.

    Small producers of local products on Atos

    Dearly beloved, we know you like to buy and try homemade Greek products. We have made every effort to provide you with contacts from small manufacturers of the most sought-after local products.    The most common products in Greece are honey and olive oil products.   We will be updating the list and adding...

    ierissos athos
    Updated August 23, 2022.

    Not to be missed on Athos

    Athos is not as popular for summer holidays as Sithonia and Kassandra, in part because a large part of the peninsula is occupied by Holy Mountain, so the tourist part is much smaller. Still, Athos offers just enough content for a vacation. The beaches we recommend you to visit are **Komitsa,...

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    Updated August 23, 2022.

    Kakovo monastery

    Kakovo Monastery is 9km from Ierissos and 24km from Ouranopolis and it's the first pilgrim station on the way to the Hilandar monastery. It spreads over a large property, consisting of two main buildings, a church, monastery workshops, pond and parking lot for visitors. Upon arrival, visitors are served with coffee...

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    Updated August 23, 2022.

    Ammouliani Island

    Ammouliani is a small island and increasingly popular holiday destination among our tourists. The island belongs to the so-called third finger of Halkidiki, Athos. #### Why is Ammouliani more and more popular? Primarily because of the very clean sea and beautiful beaches. The island is small, but on very short distances you can...