Sithonia - comprehensive tourist guide

    mega portokali beach sithonia
    Updated March 26, 2024.

    The most beautiful beaches nearby Sarti

    According to many people, Sarti is an ideal place to stay if you are coming to vacation on Sithonia. Except of the longer trip to Sarti and the wind that blows...

    orange beach sithonia chalkidiki
    Updated November 17, 2023.

    The most beautiful beaches on Sithonia

    What you're about to read is a selection of the best beaches on Sithonia in no particular order, because choosing a favorite beach on this magnificent peninsula would be nearly...

    sarti sithonia halkidiki 3
    Updated April 16, 2020.


    Sarti is the most popular and visited place on the Sithonia peninsula, on Halkidiki. It is a small fishing town of total of 900 settlers. It...

    travel by car to sithonia
    Updated April 09, 2024.

    Trip to Sithonia by car

    In this text we will describe the road from Belgrade to Nikiti, the capital city of Sithonia, which is the first important location on this glorious peninsula. **We will not describe...

    linaraki beach sithonia halkidiki  2
    Updated April 04, 2024.

    Linaraki beach

    Linaraki as a small beach that belongs to Sykia and is located south from Sykia beach, in the walking distance separated from her only by cape. When you turn from...

    Updated April 03, 2024.

    Beaches without crowd in Sithonia

    Many consider the only flaw of Sithonia to be the large crowds on the beaches. The solution to that is to go on vacation off-season, if you can. Another solution...

    koviou beach sithonia
    Updated March 29, 2024.

    Beaches nearby Nikiti

    Nikiti is in the best position for a tour of Sithonia. It is only about hundred kilometers away from Thessaloniki. As far as the beaches, **there are two beaches in the...

    agios ioannis beach sithonia 15
    Updated March 29, 2024.

    Agios Ioannis Beach Sithonia

    About 4km away from Nikiti, on the road to Neos Marmaras you will come across on the beach that you can not miss, and you shouldn’t. You can see it...

    nikiti sithonia (25)
    Updated March 29, 2024.


    Nikiti is located at the very beginning of Sithonia and that is one of the reasons why this place is in high demand - it is closer than other places....

    ormos panagias sithonia chalkidiki (1)
    Updated March 29, 2024.

    Ormos Panagias

    Ormos Panagias is a small place on the eastern coast of Sithonia. It was named after the church devoted to the Saint Mother of God (in greek Panagia) that has...