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lagonisi beach sithonia
Published May 10, 2017 6 comments

The most beautiful beaches on Sithonia

In this text we will present the best beaches on Sithonia, in no particular order, because it is practically impossible to choose the best beach in this fabulous peninsula. Please note that all these beautiful beaches are the most beautiful when they are not crowded, so if you are...

Kalogria beach 28
Published October 15, 2015 no comments

Kalogria beach

Kalogria beach is located at the west side of the peninsula, about 5 km south of Nikiti, after Agios Ioannis beach. It is a very popular beach,with a length of about 500m and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki due to the turquoise sea, fine sand...

sarti sithonia halkidiki 3
Published April 13, 2014 4 comments


Sarti is the most popular and visited place on the Sithonia peninsula, on Halkidiki.
It is a small fishing town of total of 900 settlers.
It is 140km away from Thessaloniki, being situated on the eastern coast of Sitonia, between Vourvourou and Sykia. ...

klimataria beach sithonia
Published August 24, 2017 no comments

First time on Sithonia

Sithonia has so many beaches that it's nearly impossible to visit all of them during only one vacation. It could take years of spending holidays in Sithonia in order to fully explore and discover it.It has a lot of content for all tourist profiles. We will try to present you...