Lefkada - comprehensive tourist guide

    egremni beach lefkada
    Updated November 07, 2022.

    Beautiful beaches on Lefkada

    It is known that the eastern and western coast of Lefkada are completely different. All photos of breathtaking beaches are showing the ones on the west coast. These beaches **are...

    vasiliki lefkada 3
    Updated March 31, 2020.

    Why choose Lefkada?

    What is it that makes Lefkada so special to almost everybody who has visited it? And what is the reason why some tourists never want to come back to...

    Updated March 08, 2024.

    Lefkada out of season

    Vacationing on Lefkada is remembered by many for a long time, but some who visit it at the end of summer say that Lefkada off-season is special. Lefkada is an...

    agios nikitas lefkada  (26)
    Updated March 05, 2024.

    Agios Nikitas

    **Agios Nikitas is the most sought after and popular place in Lefkada. The reasons for this are the beautiful city beach, with clear and turquoise sea, as well as an...

    travel by car to lefkada 3
    Updated February 22, 2024.

    Trip to Lefkada by car

    If you travel by car in Greece it is necessary to have a green card (still obligatory in North Macedonia), while an international driving license is no longer necessary for...

    excursions lefkada
    Updated February 22, 2024.

    Excursions from Lefkada

    During your stay in Lefkada, you can visit many interesting places and make your holidays even more interesting and find out something new about the beauties of the Ionian coast. Considering...

    egremni beach lefkada 1
    Updated March 15, 2023.

    Egremni beach

    Egremni beach is 40km away from the capital city Lefkas and 20km from Vasiliki. **It is one of the beaches Lefkada is known for and it is one of the...

    vasiliki lefkada (1)
    Updated March 13, 2023.


    **Vasiliki is, in our opinion, the most beautiful place on Lefkada and, next to Agios Nikitas, in the best position to visit the most beautiful beaches on Lefkada. If you...

    ligia lefkada 36
    Updated February 01, 2023.


    Lygia is a small fishing port on the east coast of Lefkada. It is located only 5km away from Lefkas (south), and it is also in a good position from...

    agios ioannis beach lefkada 12
    Updated December 05, 2022.

    Agios Ioannis beach, Lefkada

    Lefkada is known for its beaches with unreal milky-blue water, white gravel and high cliffs. All of these beaches are on the west coast of Lefkada. However, it's important to...