The route to Thassos via Bulgaria - border crossings Novo Selo/Zlatarevo and Kulata/Promahonas

We have mentioned several times that the journey to Thassos and Kavala is faster and better through Bulgaria. You can enter Greece from Bulgaria through several border crossings, and we have written about them in our previous articles, which we have listed at the end of this text.

In this article, we want to present to you a route that is suitable for those who love nature and want to see

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Lodging on the way to Greece

For many people holiday starts with preparations and traveling to the destination. In order to make a trip to Greece enjoyable, to not be overwhelmed an to arrive safely, it is recommended to make frequent breaks or overnight stay on a halfway. The possibilities of accommodation on the way to Greece are in Serbia, Macedonia and Greece.

In Serbia, the best decision for taking a break would be in some of

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We recommend the route to Greece primarily for those traveling to Thassos and Kavala (and resorts near Kavala). This route also leads to Stavros and Asprovalta, as well as to Mount Athos (Jerisos, Nea Roda, Uranopolis).

Belgrade (Bubanj Potok) - Dimitrovgrad - Sofia - Kulata (Promahonas) - Serres - Kavala - Keramoti - Limenas

729km - tolls in one direction €11.50

It is the shortest and cheapest route. By traveling through Bulgaria,


All about a holiday on Kassandra

All the answers to your questions regarding a vacation on Kassandra are available in one place: the most beautiful beaches, beaches with shallow waters for children, which place to choose for your vacation, and much more that can help you plan your vacation on Kassandra.

If you are going to Kassandra for the first time and wondering what to visit, which beaches to go to, and what not to miss…


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Beaches with a Blue Flag (2023)

We are aware that beaches awarded the Blue Flag designation offer exceptional water cleanliness and coastal quality, making them our preferred choice for swimming.

What does the blue flag mean for beaches?

The Blue Flag is an international award presented by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) since 1987. The objective of the award is to recognize beaches and marinas worldwide that meet high standards in terms of cleanliness, environmental protection,


Emergency services in Greece - phone numbers and contact details


Save this page and the emergency phone numbers you can contact in case they are needed while on vacation in Greece.

The unique European free emergency number: 112 (free SMS is also available).

Emergency services in Greece:

Police: +30 100
Emergency service (EKAB): +30 166
Firefighters: +30 199
Tourist police: +30 171 (works as part of the Greek police - ELAS)
Coast Guard: +30 108
Roadside assistance: +30 21 0606

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Holidays in Greece with children

Holidays at sea with children are a great pleasure for both parents and children, however, if the children are small, the organization of holidays can be a great challenge. That is why good preparation is very important.

Good preparation for summer vacation means choosing the right destination, precise road planning, choosing adequate accommodation …

How to choose the right destination?

It is important that the destination is not too far so that