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Small producers of local products in Greece

Dearly beloved, we know that you like to buy and try homemade Greek products. We have made every effort to provide you with contacts from small manufacturers of the most sought-after local products. 

The most common products in Greece are honey and olive oil products. 
We will be updating the list and adding contacts on regular basis, so check it again before going for shopping. 
For each manufacturer, we also provide you their Viber number

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Are there really purple jellyfish in Greece and what to do if get stung?

Lately, numerous media outlets have been reporting on the emergence of various dangerous jellyfish across Greece, and we get a lot of questions on the subject every day. Since the beginning of June, our team has visited many locations in Greece, bathed on various beaches, talked and exchanged experiences with other tourists, and we convey our experiences. Throughout Sithonia, Tassos and Cassandra, **none of the people of Nikana saw any

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Prices of sunbeds and umbrellas in 2022 on Thassos and Sithonia

The holiday season is coming slowly, and our team is on the scene gathering information about the prices of sun beds, parasols, drinks, food and daily updates via Instagram stories, which we keep in high-lights and you can always easily view them and see what the situation is from beach to beach and place to place. We know that many of you follow our blog and information on the site,

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Discounts in Sithonia

After we announced the discounts on Thasos, you wrote to us and wondered if there would be something similar in Sithonia, and since we negotiated parallel with the restaurants in this district, here is the list for it.

We have also provided discounts in Northern Macedonia, and see more HERE.

So far, **over 20 partners in Sithonia have approved a discount for all of you who follow our website, fb group Live

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Road assistance - discount and special package

Nikana VOZZi Travel

In cooperation with company VOZZI, we have provided you with special packages for road assistance.
To buy a package, you don’t have to book accommodation through our website. Anyone who wants can take advantage of these discounts.

With an excellent year-on-year offer, you can travel carelessly, without thinking about what to do if your car malfunctions.

**The packages we have provided to you do not exist in the regular offer,

Popusti na Tasosu

Thassos discount

For all our people who refer to us, “Nikana”, or our FB group Live from Greece, we have arranged discounts in restaurants and cafés in Thasos. Of course, download the thumbnail with the discount list to show if needed or to remind yourself which facilities you have discounts in.

*Note: Giros El Greco is no longer on the list. We apologise to anyone who may have had any inconvenience in this

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Summer holiday with baby

Vacationing with a baby has great benefits but also much bigger challenges than the holidays you were used to before you became parents. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity and season to rest and enjoy the charms of summer, good preparation and adaptation to the new circumstances can help you to make your holiday idyllic and memorable even with a small baby.

The baby’s arrival has changed a lot

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Every year before the season starts in Greece, stories start buzzing, some in the media, some in social media how all the prices in Greece are gone up. This year, more than ever, the story is going through all the media, as the price hikes have not only affected Greece but the whole world.

Prices of some things have really gone up, but in the same level with the global pace.