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Greece to open 9 airports for flights from EU and 5 other countries on April 16

Greek media report on the lifting of restrictions on arrivals in Greece from abroad, but do not refer to any official source.

According to them, Greece plans to gradually lift restrictions on arrivals from abroad and open 9 airports for flights from the European Union and 5 other non-member countries, from Friday, April 16, while some media report that it will be applied from Tuesday.
The official goal remains that the full

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What are the accommodation prices in Greece for summer 2021?

The summer season is slowly approaching. Many tourists are thinking about summer vacations and ask what prices of apartments and hotels await us this year in Greece?

Prices are on average about 10-20% lower compared to the 2019 season. There are hotels and apartments that have kept the same prices, but most still lowered the prices by the mentioned percentage.
Some accommodation owners used the break in work to renovate their facilities

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The opening of the Greek border and the conditions for entering Greece - the most common questions

** When will the Greek border open? **
Greece is tentatively opening its borders to Serbian tourists in mid-April.

** When will the tourist season in Greece start? **
The official season in Greece starts on May 14.

** What are the conditions for entering Greece? **
The conditions for Serbian tourists to enter Greece are as follows:
1. certificate of vaccination with any vaccine used in Serbia
2. negative PCR test
3. Positive serological test (antibody test)

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Greece will recognize Chinese and Russian vaccine

Honestly, we did not hope for such good news. From last year’s experience with the opening and closing of borders, we got the impression that Greece will complicate travel this year as well and have illogical rules. However, we received really good news yesterday. It is obvious that the Greeks have decided to make this season a success.

The Minister of Tourism of Greece, Mr. Teoharis, said yesterday in Belgrade that

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Holidays in Greece with children

Holidays at sea with children are a great pleasure for both parents and children, however, if the children are small, the organization of holidays can be a great challenge. That is why good preparation is very important.

Good preparation for summer vacation means choosing the right destination, precise road planning, choosing adequate accommodation …

How to choose the right destination?

- ** It is important that the destination is not too far

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Luxury hotels and apartments in Greece

Luxury accommodation in Greece does not exist as a separate category that is necessary for accommodation to meet certain conditions so that it can be classified into it.

Therefore, sometimes there is a misunderstanding and betrayed expectations of tourists flying in Greece. The term luxurious can be quite stretched, so it includes ordinary studies that have a more expensive (luxury) furniture, but also luxury apartments within the hotel or separate facilities

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Thassos apartments

Thassos is known as a family island, for the middle category of tourists. Until recently, there was only one luxury hotel on the island, Alexandra Beach in Potos, but several more have been built in recent years.

Everything else Thassos has to offer is apartment type accommodation. There are even a few thousand accommodations that offer apartments and studios, from affordable to very luxurious.

Apartments on Thassos are primarily intended for families,

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Letter from the Association of Hoteliers of Pieria to the Greek Government

Letter from the Association of Hoteliers of Pieria to the Greek Government regarding the need to work all the land borders of the country with the necessary staff and the necessary equipment.
“We all know that our country is facing a strong phenomenon called covid, and that the protection of human lives and society as a whole should come first. Also, until a final agreement is reached on a common European