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Parga is the most popular place on the Ionian coast. It is 340km away from Thessaloniki. Parga is very picturesque city, located between Preveza and Igoumenitsa and is known for its beauty. Parga is one of the most popular tourist cities in the northwestern Greece. It is said that it...

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Beaches around Sivota

Sivota is a small and very picturesque place that offers everything you need for a peaceful holiday. However, stay in it gives you the ability to see numerous beaches in the area. The beaches in this region are characterized by small or bigger pebbles, emerald sea and plenty of...

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Kerentza beach

Beach Kerentza or Ormos tou Odyssea (Odysseus bay) is located 34km from Preveza. It is situated between the beaches Ammoudia and Alonaki. It is a beautiful sandy bay with shallow and calm sea with plenty of natural shade. The beach is in a deep bay and the sea is calm...

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Trip to Parga and Epirus by car

For travel by car in Greece it is necessary to have a green card (still obligatory in Macedonia), while an international driving license is no longer necessary for Greece or for Macedonia. Lefkada is pretty easy to reach because the route is quite simple and the signaling is pretty...

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Beaches nearby Parga

Vrachos-Loutsa beach is just over 25km away from Parga. Vrachos and Loutsa are actually the same beach, just by the name Loutsa we have in mind the right, northern part of the beach, toward Parga, and by Vrachos the left, southern part of the beach, towards Preveza. The beach is...

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Epirus is located on the west coast of the Ionian Sea and represents a mountainous area dominated by a mountain wreath of Pindus whose peaks reach over 2000m altitude. The cities in Epirus are between 900 and 1000 km away from Belgrade. The area of Epirus was inhabited in prehistoric...

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Epirus local products

The traditional cuisine of Epirus and Parga is very diverse and rich, and in its creation were engaged special relief, sea and mountains, climate, long history ... The main ingredients of local cuisine are products from the mountains and farms, sheep and goat milk, yogurt, cheese. Milk is actually the...

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The town of Kastrosikia is located on a hillside by the sea, (There is a village Kastrosikia above the main road, which is not a touristic place). Kastrosikia by the sea is a small town consisting of several alleys, and has basic facilities for a holiday (shop, beach beach...

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Apartments in Vrachos

Vrachos is a small place on the Ionian coast. It is located between Parga and Preveza. Vrachos has a phenomenal, sandy beach, 3 km long and very wide. According to many, it is the most beautiful sandy beach on the entire Ionian coast. Because of this, Vrachos has become extremely...

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Acheron river

The famous river Acheron (44km from Preveza) is named after god Aheron, who in Greek mythology is known as the god who keeps the river of the underground. According to legend, the souls of the dead were transported to the other side of the river Acheron, towards the god...