Thessaloniki - comprehensive tourist guide

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    Updated February 01, 2023.


    Stavros is located in Strimonikos Bay and is about 70km from Thessaloniki. It takes only 40 minutes of driving from Thessaloniki airport to Stavros. Stavros is surrounded by hills and abundant forests. It's located at the base of the mountain and is due to the rose of the wind known as...

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    Updated January 30, 2023.


    Peraia is a suburb of Thessaloniki, only 25km away from the city center. The town is famous for its beach that spreads for several kilometers, with restaurants, tavernas and bars and along the entire beach, and, of course, a promenade where you can stroll for hours. Neoi Epivates is connected with...

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    Updated January 25, 2023.


    Asprovalta is located in Strumica Gulf, and has about 40000 inhabitants in the winter and about 200000 in the summer. There are two biggest towns in the center of the bay, Asprovalta and Stavros. Asprovalta is the largest city in the region. It's about 80km away from Kavala and Thessaloniki, just...

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    Updated January 25, 2023.

    Nea Vrasna

    Nea Vrasna is about 70km from Thessaloniki and Kavala. Asprovalta is at only 500m, and you can take the evening walk to it if you want more tourist facilities. Stavros is only 6km away, so the facilities of this town are also easily accessible to Nea Vrasna's guests. Although Nea Vrasna...

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    Updated January 24, 2023.

    Weekend in Thessaloniki

    The huge amount of our guests, returning from their vacation, spend one or two days in Thessaloniki. It's a bit short time to completely search and get familiar with Thessaloniki, but it's still enough to see the most important places. For such a short stay, we do not recommend spending most...

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    Updated January 23, 2023.

    What to visit in Thessaloniki

    Thessaloniki is a city that is often on the route to the seaside for our tourists. It is a place of great historical importance, famous for its gastronomy, and a favorite place for shopping, In the text below we will introduce you to Thessaloniki, and places to visit and share helpful...

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    Updated January 18, 2023.

    Thessaloniki Guide

    Many tourists from Serbia and surrounding countries visit Thessaloniki when they go or return from holidays. In addition, the holidays during spring are also current, but also towards the end of the season while it is still good weather, travelers from Serbia like to head to Thessaloniki. For some, Thessaloniki is...

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    Updated December 05, 2022.

    Historical sights in the Olympic region

    One piece of advice for those in the Olympic region and in the car. If it is a rainy day and worth a visit in nice weather too, start the car and head to Vergina (about 50km). There is a wonderful and huge museum with the tomb of Philip of...

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    Say those who like to travel: "If you want to meet a city, its inhabitants, its habits, the good and the bad sides of everyday life, you have to take a ride on public transport at least once and feel the spirit of local life." With this idea, but also...

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    Updated May 11, 2022.


    Thessaloniki is more than 2300 years old city and this fact itself gives it a certain charm that enriches many other things that exist in this city. Since the earliest years it has been multi-ethnic because of its position, but in the last few centuries this epithet came to the...