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Kavala is the capital of the prefecture of Kavala and the second largest city in northern Greece (after Thessaloniki).
Founded in the 6th century BC and then was named Neapolis, which means new city. It is located right across from the town of Limenas in Thassos island, and...

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Beaches in Kavala

There are six beaches in Kavala. Coming from the east, from the direction of Thessaloniki, first you come to Toska beach, then Batis beach, Kalamitsa beach, then Rapsani, while Perigiali and Aspri Ammos beaches are located at the exit of the city. Toska beach is 5km from Kavala. It is...

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Nea Iraklitsa city beach

The big city beach in Nea Iraklitsa is about 2km long and stretches along the entire bay. It offers visitors privacy because there is no big crowd. There are lots of cafes on the beach where umbrellas and sunbeds can be used with an ordered drink. This beach has been...

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Nea Peramos city beach

Nea Peramos has a beautiful sandy beach 3km long and a promenade that is right along with it almost entire length. In some places the beach is narrower, and in some wider and organized, with bars, sunbeds and umbrellas (mostly can be used with an ordered drink). Certainly, there...

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Nea Peramos

Nea Peramos is a small town of 2500 inhabitants, located 18km before Kavala looking from Thessaloniki direction. From here you can catch a great view of Thassos island and Mount Athos, so it is a great starting point for visiting interesting places and beaches in the area.

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What to see nearby Kavala

When visiting the northern Greek region of Kavala we are often pointed in the direction of Thassos, the city of Kavala, and the world-renown beaches that lay the coastline. And for a good reason, Kavala is full of beautiful destinations along her shorelines but we cannot overlook the neighbouring...

parking in kavala
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Parking in Kavala

In the city center, drivers can park their vehicles either in controlled parking areas or in car parks. Below we provide you with information about these premises, both free of charge and with rental, the conditions for parking in the zones. In the center of the city, there are controlled...

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Archaeological site of Philippi

Kavala, widely famous harbor which connects the greek mainland with the islands on the northern part of the country, is well known to passengers who go to Thassos. If you are planing to pass by Kavala this season, on your way to summer resort you planned to spend your...

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Kavala region

Kavala is the capital city of the Kavala region. It is 165km away from Thessaloniki and it is located in the Strymonian bay. Kavala itself is not that well known as a location to spend your summer holidays although over the past few years, more and more accommodations emerged. Still,...