Given that Thasos is known as a family island, the majority of our guests are families with children.

Why is Tasos ideal for families with children?

Primarily because of the long sandy beaches with shallows, ideal for small children. Another reason is that the island has no big clubs, discotheques so that all guests are sure to have peace and true rest during the night.

Thassos is known as the green island, full of forests, trees, and it is possible to find accommodation near the beach with shade where parents do not have to worry about protecting the children because of staying too long in the sun.

Places on Thassos are small, low traffic frequency and very safe in every aspect. It gives parents an additional relaxation when it comes to holidays.

What should be taken into account when choosing accommodation?

The ideal is to find accommodation on the sandy beach, with toys, large yard, shade, but it is often not possible to have it all in one or is simply too expensive.

One of the rare accommodation that meets all of these requirements is Katerina Studios:
Katerina Studios, beach Pachis, Pachis:

and other one is Akti Belvedere
Akti Belvedere Villa , Pachisi :

Accommodation which is on the sandy beach and is great for a family with children:

Pelago Bungalows, Skala Potamia:

Sissy Villa, San Antonio, Potos:

Scorpios Studios, Skala Rachoni:

Lysistrata Bungalows, Potos:

Morfeas Villa, Limenas:

Tarsanas Studios Limenas:

Avra Villa Skala Rachoni:

Maria House, Skala Maries:

Periklis Studios, Dasilio, Prinos:

Rodon House is an excellent accommodation on the pebble beach
Rodon House Villa, Trypiti:

Golden Beach and Skala Potamia is connected with sandy beach which is 3km long. All accommodation that is directly on the beach may suit parents with small children because the beach is 90% of its length with the smallest sand and shallows.

One of the most sought after accommodation for families is Suzana Studios because it has an excellent ratio of price and quality, hygiene is at a high level, the garden is fully adapted to children, and is great for socializing and grilling, close to the sandy beach, far from the crowds and traffic.
Suzana Studios Potos:

Pachis beach is the best and largest beach on the island with a natural shade. This is a sandy beach and has a long shallows that particularly suits the youngest. For this reason, accommodation that is close to this beach is sold out quickest.

Sappho Bungalows, Pachis:

Antoniadis Studios, Pachis:

Pahys Studios, Pachis:

Accommodation that is also close to the beach
Elena Studios, Pachis, Skala Rachoni:

Villa Litsa, Pachisi:

Potos also has a sandy beach, and for the children is particularly suitable San Antonio, which extends on the public beach, so that’s why many families choose Potos as their base.

Our guests so far have been very pleased with the following facilities, as for the proximity to the beach but also because of the nice yards in front

Katerina Villa, Potos:

Amversa Villa 1 - Nikos Corner Potos:

Amversa Villa 2 - Giorgos Corner Potos:

Balkan House, Potos:

Christin Apartments, Potos:

Papaoikonomou Villa, Potos:

Given that the most beautiful beaches on the Thassos are away from the towns it is better to choose accommodation that has better conditions for children, and not the one that is close to the town beach which are less visited in general.

Look at great accommodation which is excellent for families with children, but not right by the beach

Asteria Studios Potos:

River Studios, Potos:

Paradise Studios, Limenas:

Asterias Villa, Astris:

Villa Dafni, Limenas:

Elena House, Kinira:

Pools can often have a negative effect on children because of the pool and around company around the pool they refuse to go to the beach.

Yet it can be of use in the preseason when the weather is changeable and sometimes the water in the sea is too cold for children, and the pool is always warmer. On Thassos I don’t have many accommodations with swimming pool, but if this is one of the priorities when booking, in the search on the left select the pool to get a list of all the objects that have pool. The most popular are the following

Suzana Studios Potos:

Augustos Giota Villa, Trypiti:

Sunset Villa Trypiti, Trypiti:

Giota Apartments, Skala Potamia:

Vranas Hotel, Skala Sotiros:

Loutrou Beach Bungalows, Kinira:

Esperia Village, Potos:

Sirines Hotel, Potos:

Hotel Potos, Potos:

Thassos Hotel, Pefkari: