The team of the SAT show, as well as many others who make reports about the journey from Serbia to Greek resorts, often forget to provide some useful instructions for the return from Greece to Serbia.

Regarding the return specifically from Thassos, you should know that if you have the option to choose, it is advisable to avoid Sundays during the peak tourist season, especially Sunday afternoons. This is because Greeks, Bulgarians, and others who came to Thassos for the weekend return to the mainland, causing long queues for the ferry in Limenas and Skala Prinos. The queue can stretch for a whole kilometer, and you may find yourself waiting for hours in the scorching heat without the possibility to leave the line once you enter it. The congestion is also caused by the fact that there is a different schedule on Sundays, meaning that the interval between two ferry departures is slightly longer. Additionally, if you were planning to stop at one of the Lidl supermarkets on the mainland or do some shopping in a larger market or boutiques in Kavala, keep in mind that nothing from the mentioned will be open on Sundays.

Once you disembark from the ferry in Keramoti (the port of Keramoti is shown in the pictures below), you should first follow the green road signs towards Ksanthi (Xanthi), as they will lead you to the highway to Kavala. Then, by joining the Egnatia highway, continue following the green road signs for Kavala and Thessaloniki. On the other hand, if you were to follow the blue road signs for Kavala (if I remember correctly), you would end up on the old, two-lane coastal road to Kavala, passing through populated areas, which is a far worse choice compared to the Egnatia highway.

When you approach Thessaloniki, bear in mind that there are no road signs for Evzoni until the actual turnoff, so it is necessary to follow the road signs for Edessa, and then for Edessa and Skopje. Keep to the right side of the road because the first road sign for Evzoni (three green rectangular arrow signs pointing to the right, where Edessa—Evzoni and Skopia—Thessaloniki are written one below the other) is placed next to the road at the actual turnoff to the right. It is easy to miss it in time and not make the correct turn, in which case you would enter the industrial zone of Thessaloniki or even end up in the city center, from where it would be difficult to return to the desired direction towards the Evzoni border crossing. After about ten kilometers, once again on the right side of the road at the actual turnoff, you will notice a blue sign indicating the turnoff to Evzoni. When you make that turn, you will pass through a concrete structure that was presumably or used to be a toll booth and finally reach the road to Evzoni.

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