The railway line from Belgrade to Thessaloniki has been temporarily suspended!

It is currently only possible to travel by train from Serbia to Thessaloniki, and from there it is advisable to take a bus from the main bus station that operates on the Thessaloniki - Kavala route, as detailed in the section “By bus to Thassos” on this website.

From Belgrade railway station, there are usually two departures to Thessaloniki each day, one in the morning and one in the evening. The morning train, called “Olympus,” departs from Belgrade to Thessaloniki shortly before 8am, while the evening train, known as the “Hellas Express,” usually departs around 9pm. Similarly, there are also two departures from Thessaloniki to Belgrade, at around 6am and 5pm. However, during certain periods, only one of these two trains may operate, typically the evening one, or sometimes none at all, or they may only operate up to Skopje and back. Therefore, for accurate information at any given time, it is necessary to call Belgrade railway station at +381 11 3602899 between 6am and 10pm, or Niš railway station at +381 18 291320 at any time, or potentially check their website (although I must emphasize the website’s potential lack of up-to-date information):

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