The most common question we are getting is: “Which place and beaches do you recommend for families with small children?”
Given that Sithonia have a lot beautiful beaches, you can’t go wrong with whichever place you choose.
Most of the beaches in Sithonia are sandy, with clean sea and fine sand.

Excellent beaches for children in Nikiti and its surroundings:

Nikiti - city beach - the best part for children is next to the dock and even better before and after the Saint George cafe (near the campsite\, on the opposite side of the dock)  
Kalogrija and Spathies beaches are shallow and with natural shade.
Lagonisi, Trani Ammouda, Agios Ioannis, and Karidi beaches are also good for children.
These beaches are also close to Vourvourou, Ormos Panagias, and Nikiti, so whichever of the three you choose will be easily accessible.
The town of Vourvourou itself has a large number of accommodations located right on the beach, so Vourvourou is a good choice for families with small children.

Which beaches are good for families with children in and around Sarti?

Around Sarti are some of the most beautiful beaches with fine sand and shallows, loved by children because they are perfect for frolicking. First of all, there are beaches Kavurotripes, and, especially Orange beach with the unreal color of the sea, clear sea, shallow water. There is no wind or waves in this area, so you can always enjoy it. Mega Portokali and Dukina are also nice, but they don’t have the shallowness quite like Orange.
The city beach in Sarti is sandy, and the most beautiful and shallowest part is in the New Sarti and the so-called Sarti Beach.
If you are planning to spend your summer in Sarti and spend most of your day on the beach, and if you have small children who like to play in the shallows, we recommend you choose a new part of Sarti as your base for your summer vacation.
Near Sarti, there is Sykia, with beautiful beaches, loved by families with small children.
The most beautiful of all is Klimataria, but there are also Turkolimnionas, Pigadaki, Valti, and the city beach in Sikia is suitable for small children.

Kalamici is a small town that developed along one of the most beautiful beaches in the north of Greece. This beach has an unbelievably beautiful sea, nice and soft sand, shallow, so it is recommended for both adults and children.
Kalamitsi is one of the most popular beaches in Halkidiki in general.

The best beaches for children around Toroni

All the beaches around Toroni are similar (city, Destenika, Tristinika, Aretes…) and all have clear sea and gradual depth.
They are not for those who like knee-deep shallows, but they are suitable for children who like to frolic near the shore.

Lagomandra - a popular beach for families with children

The most famous beach for families with small children is Lagomandra, mostly because of the natural shade. It is located near Neos Marmaras, and it is also close to Nikiti.
This beach does not have a long shallow like the beaches around Toroni, but it has plenty of natural shade, which is why it is always full of the youngest.
On this beach, you don’t have to worry about the strong sunlight, because the deep shade of the pine trees is there to protect you. The sea is clear and emerald because of the pine trees in the hinterland.
City beach in Neos Marmaras has a shallow and very fine sand, so it can serve well for families who don’t like to drive in search of other beautiful beaches.

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