Neoi Epivates is a small place, about 25 km from Thessaloniki, connected to the Thessaloniki settlement of Perea by a long promenade. During the Turkish occupation, this place was called Baxe Tsifliki, and it is still known by that name too.

The place is also known for its 2km long beach.The sandy beach is the bearer of the blue flag, and along the entire length are huge trees whose crowns provide shade.
There are lifeguards on the beach.
The sea in this part of Greece is not as turquoise as in Halkidiki, but it is clean and calm. It is an excellent choice for those who want to spend their summer near Thessaloniki.
Restaurants, taverns, and cafes are lined up along the entire coast, open until late at night.
You can buy fresh fish from local fishermen early in the morning. Also, fish specialties can be found in taverns located along the beach.
From Neoi Epivates, there is a boat every day to the center of Thessaloniki. The drive takes about 50 minutes. A city bus goes to Thessaloniki every half hour, and the ticket price is €1.20. The bus stops first at the IKEA shopping center, from where it continues to the center. For all shopping lovers, Nei Epivates is an ideal place for a vacation because all famous shopping places, Ikea, Jumbo, Mega Outlet, and Cosmos, are only a few minutes drive away.
If you are interested in visiting one of the places nearby, we recommend organizing a trip to Nea Kalikratia, which is 30 km away, and visiting the nearby beaches. Or Nea Mudania, which is only 50 km away. Then, at a distance of 70 km Sani and Afitos on Kassandra. Or Nikiti, which is 87 km away, and from where you can easily visit some of the most beautiful beaches of Sithonia.
You don’t need a car for this mini-tour, because the bus connection between Thessaloniki and Halkidiki is excellent.
For example, there is a daily bus from Thessaloniki to Nea Mudanja several times a day, the ticket price is 7e and the journey time is about 45 minutes. You can check the exact departure time with the carrier KTEL. You can check prices, and tickets can be purchased at the following link.
If you are in doubt about choosing a place near Thessaloniki, we recommend Nei Epivates; to those who want a quieter vacation, while neighboring Peraia is for those who like livelier and louder places.