The climate in Thassos is healthy and balanced, as Hippocrates himself, the founder of medicine as a science and the most famous Greek physician, wrote during his three-year stay on the island at the end of the 5th century BC.

Due to its northern position, tropical temperatures as in some southern Greek islands have not been recorded. Thassos is also protected from strong winds, which is a characteristic problem of most Greek islands. Even if there is a breeze, it’s a pleasant, slow, refreshing breeze. As a rule, the air is never saturated with salt and moisture, and it does not happen that during warm summer evenings you cannot breathe and that everything that is left outside during the night until the morning is still wet. Due to its special freshness and purity of air Thassos was famous in ancient times.

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Average summer air temperatures range from 24.5 degrees in June, 27 degrees in July, 26.5 in August and 25 in September. In the warmest part of the day, during the hottest summer months, the scale on the thermometer ranges between the 30 and the 35 degrees.

The average sea temperature in the summer months is about 25 degrees, which makes swimming a real pleasure.

Rain is a rare occurrence during the summer. There is heavy rain, especially in the north of the island and in the mountain, which often turns into light rain or even stops completely by the time it reaches the southern part.

The average air temperature in winter is between 8 and 10 degrees above zero. However, as the sun shines for at least four hours every day during the winter months, the climate is still very pleasant. Snowfall is rare except on the peaks of the mountain, but it is certainly recorded.

Autumn and spring in Thassos are particularly good for outdoor activities, as temperatures are pleasant and there are very few rainy periods.

According to many people, Thassos is most beautiful in late spring and early summer because of the ideal temperatures, lush vegetation and the thousands of colors that adorn its landscape.

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