The twin sister of the famous Egremni Beach, connected to it to the north in a length of about 4km and is named Gialos. When it comes to length, after Egremni, Gialos takes second place in Lefkada. It is about 35km away from Lefkas and is located on the west coast of the island. You can reach the beach from the village of Athani.

This beach is wide and there is a combination of pebbles and sand and the water is turquoise blue. There is no gradual depth and the sea bottom is mostly covered with large stones. The beach is not organized or semi-organized. Some of its parts are completely wild and therefore ideal for campers, nudists, those who carry their own equipment and those who want to be alone and enjoy, while in the central part there are several canteen-bars that provide guests umbrellas and sunbeds if you order something to drink or eat. In one word, it is ideal for all types of visitors. Since it is unfairly neglected and thus less popular than others, even though it’s large enough, it’s never too crowded.

A very strong earthquake that hit Lefkada a few years ago left behind great consequences, so until recently the road to this beach was very bad. Now the situation is much better, the road is asphalted, but there are still potholes in some parts, it is winding and steep, so you should definitely drive very carefully and slowly, and the descent is definitely worth it. At the end of the winding road there is a parking area. You can find the toilet near the bar, and there is also a shower that is paid for, since the water supply to this beach is very inconvenient and they have to somehow limit, i.e. charge for the consumption of water, which is barely enough.

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