In August I started with the preparations of new accommodations and supplementing information on the old ones.
I visited again all accommodations, and now I expect feedback from guests in order to complete the description.
We are working on the reorganization of the site, and soon all content will be more transparent, and I will try to provide you with information about the hotel and information on free capacities, so you can see on the site which accommodation unit is free in terms that suit you so you could immediately reserve it without contacting me, if that’s what you prefer. Based on your opinions, we will make a list of the objects best rated from your side and a list of those that should be bounced out of bid because of your negative experiences.

In addition to the quality of the accommodation, we will also evaluate the owners themselves and their pretense and kindness, and we will forward to them the results.

I think we can all contribute to a better and better holiday for all those who are just planning to visit the island.

If there are detailed and realistic information on site about the accommodation from my side, but from yours as well, there will be less and less of those who will make the wrong choice of hotel and together we could reduce the possibility that anyone who comes to Thassos remain disappointed with vacation that during all year eagerly awaited and saves money for it. Therefore, I will no longer be in a position to decide for you what kind of accommodation is good for you, but you will do it yourself based on the experiences and opinions of other guests, and I will always be there for some additional advice or consultation.

I received a lot of e-mails about how the site being slow and how you want to keep reading the blog, not just the texts about the hotels :-)
The site is slow, because we are working on it and it will be ready until New Year.

During the winter, I will naturally write texts like the previous years, so we’ll hang out like we used to do :-)
My love is exactly that, to write and to maintain the contact wit you, that’s how everything started, the accommodations and reservations came later, on your request :-)

These days the collecting of olives began, there are no people on the streets till five or six o’clock in the afternoon until the collecting lasts.