Christmas is approaching slowly but the houses and streets are already decorated.

Weather is still beautiful, sea is beautifully blue, days are very sunny and clear. Someone has told me once that the sky is nowhere so blue as it is here.

Yesterday a neighbor brought me some japanese apple fruit from her garden, which inspired me to write you something about this unusual fruit. I remember that I have told one tourist (in his first year on the island ) when he asked me about this fruit (fruit was green) that it was a medlar :-) Next year, I thought it was the pomegranate and only relatively recently, I have found out that this small green fruit in July and August, which just looks like a medlar :-), is actually orange fruits in December.

No matter how hard you try to decorate the Christmas tree, it seems to me that nature can never be surpassed in creativity. On this island every year the most beautiful decorated Christmas tree, is japanese apple tree or lotus, as the Greeks call it. You may know that it is a fruit that is native to the Far East, where it can be seen at every corner, in Greece is often found, and in Serbia rather rare.

Japanese apple tree is especially beautiful in November, when the leaves fall completely and fruits look like a real Christmas decorations. In December color of fruit becomes almost red.

Japanese apples by color resembles the orange, and are in the shape of the tomato. They are most delicious when fully ripe and softened and then eaten with a teaspoon, and taste is quite specific, something between apples and oranges. For some people is reminiscent of bananas. The fruit is bitter until it is ripe.

On this island almost every yard has a tree, because of the fruit that is very healthy, for aesthetics, because the tree is very nice and when in bloom and when decorated with the fruits. The most beautiful is when you get out of the settlement and you see in the wild nature so beautifully decorated tree, you almost think that this is a tree from a fairy tale, and that the fruit is too beautiful to be edible :-)

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