Author: Dragan Sokić

On Thassos we spent great time. We got beautiful memories from this island, which in September has special beauty, even if it is low season. The beaches are wonderful, but the Marble beach left as speechless. This beach is really special and it looks lavishly in her own white rocks, where the water gets azure blue color.

Golden beach and Paradise beach are right after it when it comes to beauty. For us this island will always be special because we baptized our daughter there, in an old Orthodox church St. Nikola, following all Orthodox customs. We were lucky when it comes to organization of a baptism in a very short period of time, because we had owners of accommodation on beach Pachis where we were staying and representative of the agency Nikana who showed great will and effort to help us. Organizing a baptism is not easy when you are a stranger who can not understand the locals, because they don’t speak English very well. If you don’t find the right people to help you, a whole procedure could last forever. However, we were lucky to have the right people by our side who succeeded to shedule the baptism the same day in the afternoon. We were more than happy. The papers which we needed, but we didn’t have, were baptism certificates of parents and godparents, but the priest has asked for permission the bishop and he got it in half an hour. So, for all of you who would like to get baptized there, you only need to want it so hard. It is really special and unique experience!

That afternoon we have come to the village with our godparents, the owner of accommodation and her daughter who was translating to us from Greek to English and one family from Belgrade who was on vacation there (they wanted to see how it looks like). In front of the church we were welcomed by an old priest who built the church alone, with his two hands. Just the ceremony lasted around one hour and half. The moment when the priest has started the ceremony, every language barrier has been overcome. We had to bring two towels, oil (if you don’t have it, you can get it there), a candle for godfather and a necklace with cross which has to be put after the baptism. We didn’t have a cross, but our daughter got it as a gift from Maria (owner’s daughter) who, somehow, was the second godmother because she, as a local, had to be a witness. We were touched by their commitment to everything and every moment they would emphasize how important it is for them. After the baptism we invited everybody to our apartment in order to celebrate it. When it comes to the price, there is no official price list, but you give how much money you want. Thanks again for everything!

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