Milos is an island that belongs to the group of Cyclades and it is proclaimed a Holy Island by the Greek Orthodox Church.

Christian catacombs from the first century of our era were found on the island and together with the roman (there is an opinion that christian catacombs are older) belong to the most important monuments of early Christianity.

Catacombs were used until the 5th century. During the persecution of the first Christians, they served for prayer and burial. There are a total of three catacombs with many small and large corridors in a total length of 200m. The tombs are mostly side-by-side, but some are also in the floors. It is estimated that more than 2,000 Christians are buried in them.
Only one part of the catacombs is open for visitors today.

You can assume how it feels to visit this locality and pass the halls where the first Christians passed by in secret.
It is interesting also that Christianity has spread so early on this island.

Milos is little bit in the shadow because of popular islands Santorini and Mykonos, but in the opinion of many people it is the most beautiful island in Greece, and many of them even consider that the beaches of Milos are the most beautiful, not only in Greece, but also in the world.