Chios belongs to a group of islands called Cyclades, located in the Aegean Sea, very close to Turkey.

Except for the mastic, Chios is famous for its untouched nature and its rich flora.

Staying in Chios in May is a real pleasure because of the beautiful nature.

The autochthonous species of Tulip grow in Chios, that the islanders call “lalades”. In March wild fields and meadows are covered with these beautiful plants. They are a real attraction for tourists and a challenge for photographers.

The island is also known for its orchids. Of 250 species of all orchids in the world, over 90 grow in Chios.

In addition to wild tulips and orchids on the hills of Chios, in the hinterland of some famous beaches grow cyclamen, poppy, iris, sage, oregano and many other flowers and aromatic plants.