Here’s how a tourist divided Serbian tourists into groups. The division was made based on comments in the Facebook group Live from Greece.
The division caused hundreds and hundreds of comments, and it was also published in some dailies. The author of the division, Andrija Ristic, wrote that he belongs to the group Thassos.

“By reading posts and comments, I find that our tourists, according to the criterion of stagnation and readiness to defend the summer destination, can be divided into 5 groups:

1) Nei Pori Group - Worst, ready to defend place as cowboys an ancient fort. In Nei Pori they go like to pilgrimage. The common denominator is beach, children.

2) Lefkada group - Thousands of the same paintings in various shades of blue. From the same place. From the heights. Only the girls in the pictures are different. They rarely go twice in a row on Lefkada, but they say “you do not know what you missed.”

3) Paralia, Leptokarya group - The first love of forgetting is gone. They do not post images because there is nothing to photograph. Sometimes they just photograph clean water because it’s just sometimes clean. The favorite destination of those who speak foreign languages ​with their hands.

4) Tasos group - Thousands of kilometers on the island. Everyone has “their favorite” but they are still rushing around the island searching for “the perfect beach” as an elixir of youth. They are divided into Limenas and Potos group. As in Italy, the rich North and the poor South.

5) Halkidiki group - Hanioti love to imbecility. Everybody imagines buying an apartment there. They convince others that the best giros is eaten right there. Extremely faithful. They go there 6-7 years in a row. “