During your stay in Lefkada, you can visit many interesting places and make your holidays even more interesting and find out something new about the beauties of the Ionian coast.

Considering the terrain of the island and a number of beaches that are inaccessible or less accessible by land, there are plenty of one-day beach tours by boat.

The largest number of departures by boat to other islands or beaches is from the port of Nidri. The most popular boat excursions are “Three beaches tour” (mostly Egremni, Agiofili and Porto Katsiki) and “seven islands” (Skorpios, Maduri, Meganisi, Ithaka, Kefalonia, Kalamos, Kastos, Paksi, Antipaksi).

Example of the route offered by the ship Nidri Star 1 and 2: Nidri - Porto Katsiki - Fiskardo (Kefalonia) - Ithaka - Papanicolis cave on Meganisi Island - Skorpios - Sparti - Scorpidi islands - Madouri.
Nidri Star 3 offers different tours. The first route is twice a week to Paksos and Antipaxos. The second route is three times a week and refers to the tour of the Agiofili, Porto Katsiki and Egremni beaches, and the third takes place three times a week and it offers the trip to the islands of Kalamos and Kastos.

When the weather is nice you can visit most of Lefkada, as well as the surrounding islands, by motor boat or sailing boat, which you can rent in Nidri for 40-60e per day. From Nidri, the ferry goes to Kefalonia and several nearby islands as well, so you can visit them by yourself at affordable prices.

Examples of excursion prices:

- Three beaches: 20e adults, 10e children between 2-11 years.
- Egremni - Fiskardo - Itaka - cave Papanikoli - Skorpios: 20e adults, 10e children between 2-11 years.
- Kalamos and Castos: 25e adults, 10e children between 3-11 years.

If you are staying in Agios Nikitas, you can reach Nidri by boat for 10e per person and from there you can go to one of the many excursions we mentioned. Boats from some certain cities drive daily to the most popular beaches. For example, to Milos beach from Agios Nikitas you can go for only 3e, and to Agiofili beach from Vasiliki at a price of 6e for a return ticket.