On this island part of some of the famous beaches is nudist. The most famous beach where nudists can also enjoy is Paradise beach its eastern part (left part when you look to the sea). In addition to that part of the long beach there are large number of beautiful bays beside the beach that are a paradise for nudists.

Trypiti is also one of the popular beach among nudists. Left part is reserved for nudists (towards Limenaria), but they can also enjoy the quite spacious coves around Trypiti.

Metalia beach in Limenaria has many hidden coves which are usually used by nudists.

Just before the Skala Maries (if you're arriving from Potos) at the turn for archaeological site, are located two or three large bays where you can seclude and enjoy the magic of sea, sun and nudity.

Between Pefkari and Limenaria, and also after San Antonio beach are beautiful, tucked away beaches with turquoise and crystal clear water perfect for nudists.