Agios Nikitas is the most sought after and popular place in Lefkada. The reasons for this are the beautiful city beach, with clear and turquoise sea, as well as an excellent position for visiting the most beautiful beaches on Lefkada. The place is small and there are not many accommodation facilities, so accommodation in this place sells out the fastest. When choosing accommodation, it is important to choose one that has private parking. If you find suitable accommodation in this place, do not hesitate. Book now. What you need to know is that the place has a lot of amenities, but Lefkas (the capital) is a 10-minute drive away (13km). If you do not find accommodation in Agios Nikitas, and a good position for visiting the island is important to you, then look for accommodation in Vasiliki.

Agios Nikitas is a traditional, picturesque place on the west side of the island. It is 13km far from Lefkas and, still small, presents one of the most popular summer destinations on island. Position of the place is ideal because it is near to the most beautiful beaches (on north that is Pefkoulia, on south Kathisma and just next to it there is Milos beach). Except this Agios Nikitas is the only village on the west coast that is built up next to the coast. The others are in the hills.

About Agios Nikitas

Place is nice, tucked into the hills and greenery. Here, especially next to the coast, there are still existing houses with facade which give to the place something special. By the beach there is a church with belfry and garden with a beautiful view towards the sea and there are cafes, restaurants with traditional spirit just next to the coast. The sea is turquoise, and directly by the coast rise the high rocks with walking area below them.

The street which is leading towards the sea is closed for traffic from 10am, and it is pebbled, narrow with a lots of restaurants and shops from the both sides. All this makes Agios Nikitas very comfortable for vacation and reminds you of the past…Center of the place is very small so perhaps that is the reason why it has that traditional look because there was no more space to build something more and to make it look urban. The area outside the center is not large and consists only of properties for renting. All in all, the city has only one street that goes to the sea and which represents a promenade with restaurants, shops and cafes.

As problem in Agios Nikitas we can point out that there are insufficient parking space for guests. Even the most villas and hotels do not have one, which results in that the accommodation which has a parking place in Agios Nikitas is more expensive than similar accommodations in other locations. Given that the main (and the only) street is closed for traffic all the accommodation facilities, except those on the main road, don’t have parking. So guests of these facilities can park along the street or in a nearby olive groves. Visitors may park at the entrance of Nikitas, on the extension along the way or on the opposite side, on the way to Kathisma. In any case, it is possible to find it, but in August is not that easy.

Beach in Agios Nikitas

The beach in the place is small, with turquoise water and fine pebble, and mainly during the season it is crowded. If you like to explore, you can find small coves in the north of the place.

Although this is a very small village, here you can find everything you need for a decent holiday, and the capital is only 13km away, so you can go there to supply and shop if necessary. In Agios Nikitas there are supermarkets, rent-a-car, bakeries and pastry shops, souvenir shops, gyros …

Beaches nearby Agios Nikitas

From Nikitas there are bus lines to bigger places and beaches.

Why is Agios Nikitas so popular? Primarily due to it’s excellent location, it is close to the capital and to beautiful beaches. To start from the beginning.

Milos Beach

Milos is one of the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada and it is located next to Agios Nikitas. The beach Milos can be reached by taxi boat, which leaves from the city beach at the price of 6 € for a return ticket per person. Another option is to go to the beach by foot. For this you will need 20-30 minutes depending on the speed of walking. The path is steep partially, it is actually a narrow path in which the steps are carved, in one part, and there are more exhausting climbs. All in all path is not perfect for walking in sunshine, but those who are braver and love nature, can enjoy since from there you can have a beautiful view of the beach and sea. Above the beach there are several properties with direct sea views. The beach is surrounded by high slopes, and although large, it is isolated from everything and that’s why you can enjoy even more. The beach is with fine or large white pebble and the sea is bright blue and milky as well as other famous beaches in Lefkada. The beach is not organised, so it is necessary that you take your equipment. It is wide enough and long, and usually it is not crowded.

Pefkoulia Beach

Pefkoulia is one of rare sandy beaches on Lefkada and it is 3km away from Agios Nikitas.

Monastery Faneromeni with beautiful sea view to the beach Agios Ioannis in Lefkas is 9km far from Agios Nikitas and we recommend you to visit this sanctity for sure.

Kathisma Beach

On the other side, popular Kathisma is 3,5km away from Agios Nikitas and proximity to the beach is certainly one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of this small town. Kathisma is one of the most beautiful beaches on Lefkada, and it is approachable by car, wide and long, nice organised, so if you want to enjoy in milky blue sea around Lefkada without the hassle, walking and stairs, then Kathisma is the right choise for you.

Near Agios Nikitas is also place called Kalamitsi with three bays: Kavalikefta, Megali Petra and Avali. All three are beautiful, with curved driveways but without crowd.

Egremni Beach

Egremni is 40km far from Agios Nikitas, but to this beach you can’t come by land anymore, and Porto Katsiki is 35 to 40km away.

If you like traditional villages, on the west there are enough so you can drive to reach them to feel different atmosphere and taste delicious dishes from traditional Greek cuisine and enjoy the fantastic view of the sea from a height. The closest village on the north of Agios Nikitas is a place Tsoukalades, then Frini, Agios Ioannis near the beach with the same name. A little higher up the hill is a small village Lazarata. On the way you can try and buy local honey, olives, wine…

Nidri is located 30 kilometers away from Agios Nikitas and can be reached either through the hills and traditional villages, or via Lefkas highway. The distance is similar, but slightly better via Lefkas. Nidri is a very lively place so if you miss good atmosphere and crowded pedestrian zone you should visit Nidri. From Nidri you can go by ferry to the neighboring islands (Kefalonia, Ithaca …) or on an organized cruise to the Ionian coast.

Agios Nikitas is known as, perhaps, the most expensive place in Lefkada when it comes to accommodation, as well as restaurants, cafes, shops. However, the difference in price is not considered when we have in mind the fact that it is cheaper for visiting the beaches because of good position in relation to the popular beach.

Although the city beach in crowded in season, the sea is clean and quiet, and sometimes you can see flock of dolphins. By the sea or in one of the bars on the beach you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets. Agios Nikitas is more for romantic people, and less for those who love the classic tourist places in Greece.

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