Very often we have a request for accommodation to be near to the beach which has a natural shade.

Beaches in the town are usually without natural shade, but there are a few exceptions. Most of the beaches with natural shade are located outside of the town. City beaches with some natural shade in Sithonia are in Metamorphosis and Neos Marmaras.

But let’s start from the very beginning of Sithonia to the south, first west coast, and then east coast of this magical peninsula.

Small towns Gerakini and Psakoudia are without natural shade. After we come across Metamorphosis which is known for its abundance of pine forests and as a spa. This town really has a smell of conifers, and there are plenty of them in a town, around the area and on the beach. The beach is mostly narrow, but very long and with sandy and rocky parts and there is a lot of natural shade.

Nikiti is the next place and near to it, the road is divided to the west and to the east coast. The city beach has a little bit of natural shade, on the left side of the port (if we look at the sea), near the Saint George Camp.

The beach Agios Ioannis located just a few kilometers from Nikiti on a way to Neos Marmaras has a little bit of natural shade, to the left of the Riviera Cafe. Since there is not a lot of natural shade, we advise you to come little bit earlier.

Koviou beach, first one after Agios Ioannis beach which we mentioned above, it has also a little bit of natural shade in the left part of the beach. This is also the most beautiful part of this sweet, small beach with very clean sea.

Kalogria is one of the most famous beaches, and among the other things, it is popular also because of the shade. There is no shade everywhere on the beach, but just a little bit in front of the Isla beach bar and little bit more from the middle of the beach towards the Mango Hotel. There is a more shade in the morning, and less in the afternoon, but the best places are already taken in the morning, so we advise you to come little bit earlier. This is one of the favorite beaches for families with small children.

Spathies is a very small beach, with a tree with a large canopy that makes a shade. You can see dozens of people sitting in the shade of this tree, so if you do not mind a little bit of crowd, Spathies can be a good choice.There is also a big Spathies beach, which is located after the small one and it has also a little bit of natural shade.

Elia beach is less known because it’s narrow, but it stretches for several kilometers. This beach is less visited and in some parts has great places for those who want to be lonely in the natural shade.

Lagomandra beach is the queen of the natural shade in Sithonia. If you mention to someone shade on the beach, they will think immediately of Lagomandra, and that is why this beach is one of the most popular in Sithonia. It has enough shade for all visitors, while on the other beaches we mentioned there is a shade for a small number of people.

Neos Marmaras has a very long and wonderful beach considering that it is a city beach. Along this beach there are trees which create natural shade during the day. The most beautiful part with the most natural shade is the part that belongs to the bars, far from city center and stadium (towards Porto Carras).

We were amazed to see that even inside of the Porto Carras resort they have preserved the trees which creates natural shade on the beach.

Las Bandidas and all the way from Neos Marmaras to Toroni (by the old road) there is a lot of natural shade. Many beaches are wild and unorganized, some are rocky, but if you are adventurous and you like to be alone, visit some of them and you will for sure find place in the natural shade, in front of the sea. This part of Sithonia is not famous for long narrow nor for fine sand so it not suitable for families with little children, except, maybe, the beach Agia Kiriaki which has natural shade and sand.

Toroni has a very long and nice city beach, there is some natural shade in the middle of it, but mostly there are bars and restaurants.

On the south of Sithonia there are no beaches with natural shade, on the east there are some.

If we start from the very beginning of east coast, first beach that has some natural shade is Salonikiou, and it is not crowded so it is easy to reach it.

Lagonisi is one of the most beautiful beaches on Sithonia. Since there was built one bar, the most beautiful part, the one with natural shade, now it is owned by the bar. If you like to rent the sunbed in natural shade, then you will like a lot this part of the beach.

Karidi beach is located in Vourvourou. Before entering the beach you will find a lot of trees. Between them you can leave your towels and other things. In 2018 there will be built one bar, so we are not sure how the beach will look alike and which part will be available to the visitors who do not want to use the sunbeds, but the natural shade will be always.

Also the city beach in Vourvourou, if it can be called like that, because actually it is half private for the accommodation which is next ot it, has trees.

On the way from Vourvourou to Sarti there are many beautiful beaches which are surrounded by the rocks and trees. One of our favorite ones is Rodia. This beach has a lot of natural shade and, next to Lagomandra, we can say that only these two have a real natural shade.

Mega Portokali also has a lot of natural shade, but not exactly on the beach, little bit behind, in the forest, on small hill. Those ones who don’t mind to go down for swimming and after going up again because of the shade, they should add Mega Portokali on their list of beaches with natural shade.

Goind the same you will find the beaches Bahia and Zografou as well as Orange which have little bit of shade from the tall rocks and trees. Right before Sarti, there is beach Platanitsi which is part of the camp which share the same name. The camp is completely in the shadow, while on the beach there are only two to three trees which create shade mostly above the sunbeds in the bar.

That’s all folks! There must be some small bays with natural shade which you can find on your own. If you are adventurous, start searching for them. We have just given you some instructions what to expect on the famous beaches.

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