Thassos is dominated by amphibians, reptiles and birds. There are no wild mammal species. Rare are those who say they have seen rabbits here and some deer. Sheep and goats are often, going around on the slopes of Thassos. However, cats are the most represented “domestic animals”, as on the other Greek islands. In the spring, during May and June, butterflies are very numerous. In the surroundings of the mountain villages of Theologos and Maries, it can often happen that a turtle crosses your path.

You can hear and see many species of frogs near rivers, streams and lake. Also, lizards are not uncommon in warm and dry places. It is possible, but rare, that you will see some snakes on Thassos, but be aware that they are generally not poisonous and dangerous. Numerous bird species are also present, from seagulls and albatrosses in harbors, to singer birds.

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