You have arrived in Thassos and you are going on your first swim. The first thing you will notice is the transparency of the water and its amazing green-blue color and then the small fish that swim around your legs.These fishes are a real joy for children who spend most of their days trying to catch them. I have no doubt that one of the first things you will buy for the beach will be a fishnet.

If you want to have real happiness for the kids, there are a lot of fishing equipment stores where you can buy a fishing line with a hook and go fishing. In the summer days in Limenaria, every evening parents with their children sit on the dock and fish. Since there are a lot of fishes, sometimes children are successful in fishing, which is a real joy for them.

If you are a little more ambitious then you can rent a motorboat and go on an adventure.

You do not need a fishing license.

You will probably notice the lights in the open in the evening and we are sure you will think that the lights of the city can be seen in the distance. However, they are fishermen. It is amazing how many there are and how the ships are evenly spaced. There are no fishing boats and lights only when is a full moon. They say it is impossible to catch fish then, and of course the next day the fish markets are closed.

It is not easy to buy fresh fish during the summer. You have to get up really early and go to the fish market to buy one, but often this is no guarantee that you will find it. Fishermen simply have deals with the fish restaurants that supply and sell them all the fish, and there is not much left for the fish markets. Our advice is to get up early and wait for the return of the fishing boats and choose on the spot what you like best or go at about 8-9 am to the fish market and see what is on offer.

If you are a fishing lover you can arrange with the fishermen to join them and go fishing with them at night. Fishermen throw nets, but you can bring your own equipment.

If you have time and rods then you can go fishing.

There are several places that are good for fishing, and only local people know them. One of the better places is a bay on the left of Giola. The road is a bit difficult, but it pays off. Another good place is under the monastery of St. Archangel Michail, next to the wild beach.

Immediately after Aliki beach, you will see on the right a concrete kiosk. Here you can go down by the steep path to the sea and find the rocks from where it is ideal to throw the hook. One hundred meters after that kiosk you come to the parking lot on the right and there you can also find some good fishing spots.

You can buy baits in supermarkets. Frozen prawns or anchovies are usually used. One kg of prawns is about 5e. In supermarkets, you can also buy large sea salt for storing baits.

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