You have arrived on Thasos and now you are going for the first swim. The first thing you will notice is the transparency of water and its surreal green-blue color, and then small fish swimming around your legs.
These small fish are a joy for children who spend most of their day trying to catch them. I have no doubts one of the first thing you will buy will be the small net for catching fish. I am also sure that you will try to catch some yourself…If you want your children to have some real fun, you can buy fishing lines with hooks at any of the numerous stores that sell fishing equipment, and head straight for the fishing. Every night I see parents with children, sitting and fishing at the peer in Limenaria. Since there is a lot of fish it often happens that children catch something which is great joy for them.
If you are a bit more ambitious, you can rent a motor-boat and head for the adventure.

You don’t need a fishing permit.

During the summer it is very difficult to buy fresh fish. You have to get up very early to buy fish at the fish store, but often even that is not the guarantee you will get any. Fishermen have a deal with the restaurants they supply to give them all of the fish they catch, so very little is left for fish stores. My advice is to get up early and wait for the return of the fishing boats, and choose what you want there on the spot, or head for the fish store around 8 am and see what they have to offer.

If you are a passionate fisherman, you can make a deal with the fishermen to join them and go along on night fishing. The fishermen spread nets, but you can bring your own equipment… I have noticed that there are a lot of squids in the rocks at the Sugar beach in Maries, so you can try catching squid. Of course they are not that hard to catch once you see them. Owners of the fish restaurants in Maries often send their children to catch squids so while you’re swimming at the beach you can see children looking for squids in the rocks…

If you have the time and equipment, you can go fishing.

There are a couple of places where there’s always fish, but only the islanders know where they are.

A good place for fishing includes low rocks by the sea, deep water so that you want catch the hook on the rocks at the bottom, and various fish in the water.

One of the better places is the cove left of Giola. The trip is a bit difficult, but it pays off.

The next good spot is under the monastery of St. Archangel Michael, by the wild beach.

Right after Aliki beach, you will see a concrete booth on the right. There is a steep track you can go down, all the way to the sea and to the rocks ideal for fishing.

A hundred meters after that booth there is a parking on the right and you can get down to the sea there, too, and find a good place to fish.

You can buy the baits in the super-markets. Usually gambar or sardine is used. A kilogram of gambar is 4 euros. You can also buy chunks of salt at the super-market.