Thassos - comprehensive tourist guide

    Updated November 24, 2023.

    Thassos climate

    The climate in Thassos is healthy and balanced, as Hippocrates himself, the founder of medicine as a science and the most famous Greek physician, wrote during his three-year stay on...

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    Updated October 31, 2023.

    The History of Thassos

    The history of Thassos is rich and very turbulent. The island was occupied by many conquerors who left their cultural traces behind. There are contradictory opinions about who was the first...

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    Updated May 26, 2022.

    Thassos - Yes or No

    There are people who didn't like anything on Thassos. They came to the island on the recommendation of a friend, left with great expectations, and returned disappointed. You may have noticed...

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    Updated May 22, 2024.

    Thassos apartments

    Tasos is renowned as a family island, catering to the middle category of tourists. Until recently, there was only one luxurious hotel on the island, the Aleksandra Beach in Potos,...

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    Updated January 22, 2024.

    The weather in May in Thassos Island

    Very often you ask us about the weather in May on Thassos and whether swimming in the sea is possible. Although it is impossible to predict what the weather will be...

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    Updated December 12, 2023.

    Petsas tavern - authentic Greek

    Since we are on Thassos for years we are still discovering interesting and wonderful places, restaurants, beaches. One evening in July, we were invited to dinner at Petsas tavern in the...

    A must see/do on Thassos 1
    Updated December 12, 2023.

    A must see/do on Thassos

    If it is your first time on the island and if you are not from tourists who repeat destinations, here is advice about what you must visit, try and where...

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    Updated December 01, 2023.

    Holiday with pets on Thassos

    As the owner of a pet, we know what it means to go on a holiday without it, but also how complicated it is with it. Fortunately, there are accommodations...

    Updated November 30, 2023.

    Important telephone numbers

    If you call the numbers in Greece from abroad, you must first enter the exit code (00) and country code for Greece (30), followed by a four-digit or five-digit number...

    weather in preseason time
    Updated November 30, 2023.

    Weather in preseason

    One of the most common questions we are getting is related to weather in June and September. If we neglect the fact that it is impossible to give the right...