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Updated March 8, 2018 11 comments

Thassos - Yes or No

I have met people who didn’t like anything on Thasos. They came to the island on a friend’s recommendation, set off with great expectations and went back disappointed.

Maybe you have noticed that there are many fans of Thasos at forums, but there are also...

Updated January 23, 2018 1 comment

Thassos climate

The climate on this island is healthy and balanced, as Hippocrates himself, the founder of medicine as a science, and the most famous Greek physician, wrote in his three-year stay on the island at the end of 5 century BC.Thanks to its north position, tropical temperatures as on some...

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Updated January 23, 2018 no comments

The History of Thassos

The history of Thassos is rich and very turbulent. The island was occupied by many conquerors who left their cultural traces behind. There are contradictory opinions about who were the first settlers. The majority of historians consider that the first inhabitants were the Thracians tribes, for example Hedones. However, another...

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Updated October 5, 2018 no comments

Holiday with pets on Thassos

As the owner of pet we know what it means to go on a holiday without it, but also how complicated it is with it. Luckily there are accommodations that are pet friendly, they are rare, but relatively easy to find. According to the law in Greece, dogs are not...

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Updated September 19, 2018 1 comment

Thassos Island

Let's start from the beginning, for those who have never been to Thassos, as well as for those who wonder whether to come. Thasos is the northernmost island in the Aegean. From the coast of eastern Macedonia, it is only 7-8 km away, more specifically 12 nautical miles from Kavala...

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Updated August 17, 2018 25 comments

Summer 2010, Thassos

After a little time off here I am again! I hope that you are ready for the summer 2010. I know I am :) We don't need visas anymore so everything will be much easier. You will be able to choose the dates, number of nights, accommodation... Travel agencies will no...

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Updated August 16, 2018 5 comments

Touring the Thassos island on a bus

If you do not have your own or rent a car on Thassos, you will be able to travel from place to place by buses that go around the island at a precisely determined timetable. These buses do not seem to look like public transport buses in bigger cities...

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Updated March 12, 2018 25 comments

Fishing on Thasos

You have arrived on Thasos and now you are going for the first swim. The first thing you will notice is the transparency of water and its surreal green-blue color, and then small fish swimming around your legs.
These small fish are a joy for children who...

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Updated March 2, 2018 3 comments

Snow on Thasos

It is a snowy day today. It’s sunny, but cold. On the south side of the island there is snow only on the surrounding mountains, whereas on the north, snow has covered everything. Generally, the south part of the island has a much better climate than the north. During the...