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limenas   ancient theatre
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The History of Thassos

The history of Thassos is rich and very turbulent. The island was occupied by many conquerors who left their cultural traces behind. There are contradictory opinions about who was the first inhabitants. The majority of historians consider that the first inhabitants were the Thracians tribes, for example Hedones. However, another...

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Thassos climate

The climate in Thassos is healthy and balanced, as Hippocrates himself, the founder of medicine as a science and the most famous Greek physician, wrote during his three-year stay on the island at the end of the 5th century BC. Due to its northern position, tropical temperatures as in some...

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Thassos - Yes or No

There are people who didn't like anything on Thassos. They came to the island on the recommendation of a friend, left with great expectations, and returned disappointed. You may have noticed that there are a lot of Thassos lovers on the forums, but there are some who absolutely do not...

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Petsas tavern - authentic Greek

Since we are on Thassos for years we are still discovering interesting and wonderful places, restaurants, beaches. One evening in July, we were invited to dinner at Petsas tavern in the Maries village. We drove about fifteen to twenty minutes from Potos. The village is small, on a hill without...

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A must see/do on Thassos

If it is your first time on the island and if you are not from tourists who repeat destinations, here is advice about what you must visit, try and where to swim. Of the major places visit Potos and Limenas in the evening because the beaches are not interesting enough...

Climate on the Thassos during the winter 2
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Climate on the Thassos during the winter

During the winter, there is usually no rain, the temperature goes down to zero, rarely below. The average temperature during the winter months is about 10 degrees. If by any chance drops below zero, schools and shops are closing, and you can rarely see someone on the streets. The...

holidays on thassos with pets (2)
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Holiday with pets on Thassos

As the owner of a pet, we know what it means to go on a holiday without it, but also how complicated it is with it. Fortunately, there are accommodations that are pet friendly, they are rare but easy to find. According to the law in Greece, dogs are not...

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Important telephone numbers

If you call the numbers in Greece from abroad, you must first enter the exit code (00) and country code for Greece (30), followed by a four-digit or five-digit number for a place in Greece (Thessaloniki is 2310, Kavala 2510, for Hrisoupoli 25910, and for Thassos is 25930), and...

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Mythology of Thassos

According to the sources of the famous, ancient historian Herodotus, the island is named after Thassos, the son (or grandson) of the Phoenician King Agenor, who arrived on the island in search of his sister Europe as part of an organized, rescue, ship expedition, abducted by Zeus, that he...

Fauna of Thassos 1
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Fauna of Thassos

Thassos is dominated by amphibians, reptiles and birds. There are no wild mammal species. Rare are those who say they have seen rabbits here and some deer. Sheep and goats are often, going around on the slopes of Thassos. However, cats are the most represented ''domestic animals'', as on...