Since we are on Thassos for years we are still discovering interesting and wonderful places, restaurants, beaches.

One evening in July, we were invited to dinner at Petsas tavern in the Maries village. We drove about fifteen to twenty minutes from Potos. The village is small, on a hill without tourist facilities. Completely hidden between houses, there is a small square and three tavernas in the shade of the plane trees. Around the square are small single-family homes, the square is actually a yard.

The most famous tavern, of the three that exist, is the Petsas tavern on the ground floor of the family home.

The tavern menu is classic as in any tavern, but the atmosphere is absolutely special. Tight placed tables due to the high attendance, the wonderful acoustic music of the bouzouki accompanied by the guitar, and often the harmonics, the beautiful voices singing the most beautiful, traditional Greek songs and the warm but fresh mountain air, forever bind you to this beautiful place and the Petsas tavern.

In addition to the owner who plays bouzouki and sings, the family tavern also employs other members of his family (two daughters, a wife, an aunt), so the services and care of guests and the quality of the offered food are of a high standard.

To our taste, very delicious are appetizers such as kolokitokeftedes (fried zucchini rings), eggplant with feta, cheese croquettes, fried cheese, greek salad. If you are hungry after great appetizers, you can order great skewers and pancetta.

In the end, you get homemade loukoumades as a free dessert.

With food be sure to order Greek white wine - retsina (Malamatina) and coca-cola or sprite mixed with retsina, relax and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.

Of course, it is important to know that the Petsas tavern is always crowded (unlike the other two taverns that are connected to it, which we did not visit), so it is necessary to reserve a table in advance. If you would like to visit this tavern, stop by our agency in Potos for a reservation or during the day visit Maries and book on-site, or simply you can call these telephone numbers (+30)25930 42303 or on (+30) 697481 0500.

In any case, if you want to feel the authentic Greek atmosphere and enjoy with locals in traditional Greek music, the Petsas tavern is, in our opinion, the best possible choice at Thassos (unless we discover another such place next season).

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